Sea of Shadows Official Trailer | National Geographic


In award-winning SEA OF SHADOWS, a multinational team of scientists, activists, journalists and undercover agents go up against drug cartels and illegal traffickers to save the most endangered whale on Earth. In select theaters July 12.
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Sea of Shadows Official Trailer | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: October 25, 2019

41 thoughts on “Sea of Shadows Official Trailer | National Geographic

  1. Dear folks I live there near of this place in El Golfo Sonora “la vaquita marina” is a big lie! my dad is a fisherman AND THAT ANIMAL IT DOES’N exist! Never nobody have seen this “animal” a real fisherman hundreds of them was fighting about this.. now the totoaba is the real one that is in danger! Are two different things! As mexican citizens from that area we know mexican government has an other hide intention from the side of the sea. We know it and they will try to give more lies takes what it takes.

  2. Even in south china sea china claim all the islands and most sea water in this region not abiding the international rule about law of the sea that every country that has sea water have its own exclusive economic zone to be use by their people and use waht ever their government want but china WANTS TO CLAIM IT ALL…

  3. You should leave go back to Sweden, Germany, Netherlands. These are the same people that allowed the genocide in yemen, that put children in cages at the border, they killed a million Iraquis. Killed the Native Americans, Invaded and stole Florida. Invaded and stole Texas. I could be here all day

  4. Those Chinese idiots will destroy the world at last. It is the final strike. I am ashamed of humanity… We could maybe save our oceans if no one eats seafish for only five years… Is that a problem?

  5. This is pure propaganda. You have community that has been cut off from its main source of income which is commercial fishing. Due to this fact petty crime has drastically gone up. So if you are trying to survive and feed your family you are going to do what you can in order to make that happen. They are not after that dumb Vaquita, they are after totoaba, curvins, shrimp, chano, rays. The vaquita is being used as an excuse to stop fishermen from into the waters so that preto surveyers can have un disturbed access to the area. Wake up people and worry about the children that go to sleep hungry and not about some dumb fish.

  6. Do you really want to save an animal from extinction?… Well, you can start saving polar bears, they are dying because the global warming!… Upss!!!, I forgot it, your president says that doesn't exists…

  7. The volunteers and researchers on the Sea Shepherd are selfless heroes. They go out every night to bring in nets from the sea and literally risk their lives because they get physically attacked by the fishermen (poachers)

  8. There are only 20 vaquitas left on the ENTIRE PLANET. Let that sink in. I don't understand how nobody even knows they exist. They're cute mini dolphins with panda markings. Tigers, rhinos, and other endangered species get so much press but there's hundreds and thousands of them. Yet only 20 vaquitas.

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