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  1. Good news at last! Haters raising issues about their security have been put to shame!
    What’s the issue with them adding royal to their brand name! Royal is being used by everyone including names of hotels! It doesn’t even matter if the use the name or not! They’re Royals & will always be Royals! Honestly all the noise doesn’t make any sense!

  2. Thanks for reporting truth. Haters and British tabloids will always have negative things to say. Am glad prince 🤴 Harry and Duchess Meghan will not be their milk tickets anymore so here they go again to say that Canada is not gonna pay for their security. 😆 haters keep hating , Harry and Meghan are enjoying their lives in Canada 🇨🇦

  3. The Royal family paid 1.8 billions yearly to the government of British .

    Harry has served the Royal family since he was a little boy and as at 2018 he was the second most popular Royal, he has brought so much money to that family.This means he’s entitled to securities.

    The British medias have no option, than to pay for Meghan’s securities 😂🤣🤣😂.

  4. BOYCOTT BRITAIN & DON'T VACATION THERE! I Hope The UN Looks Into The Abusive Attacks Of The UK Media/Press Organizations & Hold Them Up As A Poster Boy For Bad Behavior & Abuse Of Power. New Universal Laws That Provide Guidelines Worldwide Should Be Enforced To Reign These Companies In Because Bullying shouldn't be allowed In The Workplace, Schools, Churches, Clubs Organizations, Famous People, or The Royals.

    Enough is Enough You Can't Print Lies, Speculation, Vitriol, Demeaning, Manipul ated, Unnecessary Information because this behavior is not holding people accountable & chasing People Around is an invasion of privacy! Once You've Written An Article On A Subject Or People That's It You Can't Continue To Beat & Hammer Away On People. This is Not Journalism This Trash Talking Gossip You've Made Your Point Now Move On Or:

    -You Will Be Fined Ridiculous Fees $100,000 for the first time & repeat offenders $500,000 & it will keep increasing as you break the law!
    -Jail for 1 year for 1st Offends do it again 2 years etc.

    This punishment should be for the Company Owners who allowed it to happen & the reporters, copy writers, Photographers too bc you have to let The offenders know this is serious crime & will not be tolerated. I know personally I don't want to read lies, rumors or speculation. The Fees Collected Could Be Donated to Charities, To The UN or Better Yet to the Victims!

  5. That survey took place to show both of them how little Canadians want them there and want to dish out any money for their security, is to show what the reality is. Meghan should pay for her security…Harry was born a Prince and he is part of the RF and should get security but Meghan is nothing without Harry and she has created all of this chaos. She calls Splash photographers to take pictures of her 🤷🏼‍♀️ who can understand this woman??? She quits the RF because the media doesn’t leave her alone and she want privacy… and makes her husband quit his family too which I don’t get him, and here she is paying companies to be at where ever she is cause she wants to continue to be on the news. So different from Harry who despises being in the news at all. Harry has millions of dollars and supposedly so does she. Pay for your own security. Don’t you guys want to be financially independent? That’s what independent people all over the world do…they pay for whatever they want in their life. Welcome to the real world Harry cause Meghan know exactly what being independent means

  6. Love this couple even more, if that is even possible. They threw everything at them and they just stayed graceful and got on with their authentic life. No wonder why the world is embracing them, even a boat owner refused to take paparazzi's to the Island, even though he needed the money, because money can't buy integrity.

  7. Nobody wishes them bad. It was their choice to seek their independence, & I hope it goes well for them, but not at the expense of the British public. Harry is a millionaire anyway and as for security, eventually public interest will diminish. Leave them alone to enjoy their new life.

  8. Camila hated Meghan.Harry told her to don’t have anything to do with Archie.He was afraid of her The press is now with her she’s no more a hated creature but a sweet king’s wife.What people think?

  9. The media and her haters should stop fabricating despicable lies about the Duchess of Sussex if they love the Monarchy and Her Majesty the Queen. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THEY SHOULD BE AFRAID OF GOD. Duchess Meghan didn't do anything wrong but goodness to a lot of people since she married into royalty. GOD'S WRATH COULD EASILY DISSOLVE THE MONARCHY IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. BECAUSE THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR BECAME A BREEDING PLACE OF HATERS, LIARS, ENVIOUS DESPICABLE PEOPLE WHO NEVER STOPPED MALIGNING THE DUCHESS OF SUSSEX. WITH GOD'S GUIDANCE AND BLESSINGS, Meghan Markle was allowed to REINVENT HERSELF INTO A FINE HONOURABLE HUMAN BEING. She was blessed by our Almighty God, the Father in her marriage to HRH Prince Harry.

  10. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that if a member of the Royal Family is INVITED to Canada for a Royal tour CANADA PROVIDES RCMP SECURITY!! IT IS NOT PAID BACK FROM THE BRITISH TAX PAYERS!!

  11. Since Meghan Markle chose to move to Canada and she's been doing charity work, hopefully she will be helping other Canadians. Why not go somewhere cold – up North and get involved in the Indigenous people suicide prevention. The highest suicide rate in the world… I hear celebrities going to Africa or somewhere else warm to do some charity work, but not up North. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, look up North and around in Canada, there are First Nation people, Metis and Inuit who need your intervention. Forget warm places – you've been there many times.

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