See the Australian fires from the sky


46 thoughts on “See the Australian fires from the sky

  1. These are the days of vengeance upon the earth for the genocide and oppression of the indigenous peoples everywhere. Cursed be the lands of Australia until they repent!

  2. Cursed be the lands of aboriginal genocides! May your women hate and rule over your men, may your children be lost in a sea of immorality. May every nation of the beast system experience the future revenge of God almighty!

  3. It was reported they also arrested dozens of people for setting those fires. God‘s judgment is being delivered even if he must use others to deliver that judgment through. Aussie is definitely one of them because of the corruption in high places. If you go stealing from people and then killing them for their wealth, it’s going to backfire on you, even literally

  4. Hmmmm rip animals but why don’t everyone just leave and Australia burns but the ocean will put it out like unless fire can be burnt? Just the animals and the land is gone like it’s to far in

  5. What rubbish.
    NOT the hottest or driest summer. Pretty average hot summer.
    NOT the worst bushfires. We have had much worse.
    Helicopters were not grounded. The news chopper was grounded, the water bombers were going constantly during daylight hours.

  6. The world slowly is gonna end if all the people gonna act like are not interested anymore in our planet like
    Australian bushfires (there are more than 1 bilion animals that died and some species could go extinct)
    Africa floods (destroyed houses,killed people)
    Coronavirus(killed people and it s actually spreading everywhere and that s very bad)
    And more bad things like the plastic in the oceans, garbage o our planet, domestic animals are getting killed like cats,dogs and more.Climate change, it s a really really bad thing.And more things that is really hard to think about.I am really disgusted about the society that we re living in.If we won t help the world this world gonna end.(Sorry for the wrong words)

  7. The world did not hear voice neither of millions refugees who fleed from Syria , nor 35 million east turkistan citizens who suffer from torture,discrimination in China as well as burned bodies of animals in Australia so where is the justice and conscience of human race ?

  8. Man, this is very hard to watch. Tough situation for Australia. BTW, I saw this one charity that accepting donations. They are giving a free shaving kit when you donate. Check this Charity Shave Co

  9. Why do they always jump onto climate change as soon as they report the fires in the media?
    Is this the satanic agenda now..more nukes?
    Then we can put more waste in the ground and have more fires..
    Fkn cold as fk and I'm paying £240 a month?

  10. Why the fuck is every country on earth isn’t helping ? It’s gonna effect ALL OF THIS PLANET ! Chile Argentina & New Zealand already full of smoke because of this

  11. Somewhere the Prime Minister of Australia wanted to strike to the face of Vladimir Putin… (for what?) Now let him peck his face for not being able to prevent such an Apocalypse. Why don't you shout in your news that it was Putin with matches,was running all over Australia?

  12. BBC ,,CNN has been hostile and fake news on Great China -5,000 years old historical country.

    Australia also has been hostile and challenge our Great Chinese 1.4 billions of people's core interests ..and under pressure inept Trump USA orders
    China has the world largest water-tank airplanes – should we rescue Australia WILD FIRE our enemies ?….me NO

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