Seeing Issues with Self-Driving Cars


Many people think self-driving cars will take over the roads soon, but let’s take a look at the many technical, moral, and legal issues which may prevent their mass-production for a few more decades.

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Google's Self-Driving Car Spotted On The Highway Almost A Year Ago (Oh, And Scoble) [Video]


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Moral Cartoons and Thumbnail by Poethewondercat
Traffic Situation Elements by Donnythenuts

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“Remedy” by Little Boots (I’m so sorry…)
“Furious Freak” and “Daily Beetle (Edited)” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Date: September 28, 2019

21 thoughts on “Seeing Issues with Self-Driving Cars

  1. A minor correction. Chess is not "solved", in the same sense that "checkers" is solved. The difference between chess and checkers is that in chess, the tree of decisions is far larger than in checkers, because although the "field" of play is similar, in chess the piece moves are far more diverse, and is more difficult to determine in precise strategy that yields "perfect play".

    The last advances in chess are predicated in improving the decision heuristics, which are very impressive. Alpha Zero, for example, currently can beat decisively many of the most advanced chess programs of the last years. And of course, can beat the better human players, but that's not the same as saying that the "game is solved".

    The rough number of possible games of chess is estimated at 10^120. For the games of chess to be solved, an algorithm must be able search through a tree of all those game and determine the optimal result for both sides. Which is very difficult. It is "possible" in a theoretical way to do this, but it would take an impossible amount of time to actually do it with current techniques, and thus, many think that it can't be done.

  2. Humans have the brains, skills and knowledge to drive. The problem is human error can be and is deadly. Only enhanced computer assisted driving now is doable, and has elevated driving safety to those who can afford it. Augmented cruise control, lane departure warnings, collision warning….The entire driving ecosystem and logistics of traffic would have to be totally redesigned for self-driving cars to make it work. As it is now, self-driving cars is a pipe dream.

  3. … it's like headless chicken. It's so specific and egocentric, I can't believe there aren't more useful things being contemplated. Humans somehow built and maintain 150 million miles of road… MILLION MILES OF ROAD. And the Chinese help line these roads around the world with 10 billion miles of cables. I think the personal Railway idea is a much better, being easily controlled by a central system and cost less to maintain than paved road, and doesn't require individually powered vehicles. So this Faceless mannequin idea is as ridiculous as it's name.

  4. Honestly, with all the automatic assists new, expensive cars have nowadays, they are almost self-driving. I remember some months ago a story about a guy who drove halfway through Poland while being so drunk he was unconscious more often than not, but with all the things that nudge your steering wheel and brakes according to cameras seeing road stripes, how close you are to other cars and stuff, he was totally fine. Until there was a damaged piece of road with road cones on it, and the automation didn't know how to deal, then he crashed.

    The car doesn't really need to 'see' all around to drive semi-automatically. It needs a clearly marked road and other cars to behave predictably and a human that can occasionally intervene when something other happens.

  5. Wasn't more than a year ago that a young woman in Arizona was killed by one of these that was in an experimental program and actual had a human occupant attendant in the passenger seat. Wasn't on the news but a day.

  6. I have to say I giggled so hard at the outro this time, that was too perfect, especially since I had to explain why I went nuts at the addition to the intro making me VERY happy to my roommate!

  7. What about those situations where you have to us your vehicle for self-defense or to avoid danger? a criminal or mob trying to stop you and kill you, a sinkhole just opened on the road ahead, someone with a gun shooting, a fiery explosion, a tornado, etc. I drive, thank you.

  8. I'm overwhelmed by the work you put into this video. I could see the possibility of computer driven cars that have an option for the driver to take control if needed, but hey, computers are still  pretty dumb compared to our minds.

  9. Dude! Yes, you do mention all sorts of complex issues but it appears you seem to think the engineers have not thought of them? I mean, come on! This video tells us basically nothing and is well below your performance level. Also, this video is ten times longer than it needed to be. Best of luck!

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