Seoul and Washington rebuke North Korea


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Washington and Seoul have sent a harsh warning to North Korea over increased threats against the United States and South Korea.

The US has said it will not accept Pyongyang as a nuclear state.

In a meeting with his South Korean counterpart, Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the US will defend itself and its allies in the face of North Korean threats.

Kerry described the recent rhetoric from the North Korean government as “provocative, dangerous and reckless”.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports.

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Date: July 7, 2020

20 thoughts on “Seoul and Washington rebuke North Korea

  1. But with your blame-USA myopic paranoid world view, you'd never bother to learn about North Korea. Because you can just frame it all in terms of what the US is doing.

    The US has kept the world from descending into WW3 for the last 65 years. You're welcome.

  2. North Korea is not being intimidated by the US, the Kim Dynasty is being undermined by its own people, who smuggle goods in from China and are bribing officials. And the UN made sanctions on the luxury goods the regime used to bribe the small ruling elite in Pyongyang, so they're in a double-bind, ergo they make wild threats in order to get what they want (food for masses, end to sanctions for elite). From the US mostly. So that they can keep their people truly subjugated.

  3. Altruism is not any nation's international policy, and really even religious people hope to get something – a convert, a good feeling- from their altruism. Aid, however, is a long-time policy of the US, including to North Korea.

    As far as strategy.. China wants to kill Japan (which was liberated by the US – check the freedoms to women given in their occupation constitution, note that farmers were given their land). And ASEAN don't want to be bullied.

  4. really? where were u on planet earth when NK sank a SK naval ship and shelled a SK island killing 4 ppl?
    what did the US and SK do? nothing loool

  5. why rebuild it now? could have built something like that underground? they could have rebuilt it already without anyone knowing. where do you think the uranium came from for those 3 nuke test?

  6. LOL u really think the north koreans fear u? they are raised to be ready to fight americans anytime. its in their mindset not to fear the US. did u forget they were 'brainwashed'? just because the US have superior military it doesnt mean they fear u. they are willing to fight to the death for their country like those iraqis who fight with nothing but their farmer clothes, sandals and an ak-47. no one fears the US.

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