Sex offender busted for FL murder says he's a serial killer


A 32-year-old convicted sex offender suspected of hacking to death an elderly man with a sword is being investigated as a potential serial killer after he confessed to several other murders across the country beginning in 1999 when he was just 12.

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Date: November 26, 2019

30 thoughts on “Sex offender busted for FL murder says he's a serial killer

  1. the biggest child abuse predator is not only in the catholic churches but also in the Jehovah witnesses organization ,there is a lawsuit going on right now against the governing body and no media report about it

    the last two years the organization have paid over 100 millions in damages, $ 66 millions in Canada and $35 millions in Montana, in 2015 the Australian Government have reveal 1006 cases of child molester was cover up by the organization not even one case was report to the police

    i hope the Dairy mail will investigate about this matter

  2. Again, if police hadve kept him locked up after the 1st couple of offenses, he never would've hurt anyone else. Jus saying, our Judicial system gives to many chances to Pedos & abusers, but pot dealers are getting life?!

  3. Why do we put these people on TV/screens? You need a story, I get that, but there's more impactful topics out there than some nutbag.

    Edit: Nancy Grace is a moron, this dude does not fit the serial killer bill. He's a run of the mill thug. That's it.

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