Sexless in Japan – BBC News


Japan’s youth seem to have gone off sex.
According to new research, there are increasing numbers who have never had, or are currently not having, a physical relationship.
But is this down to low self esteem or simply not being bothered? The BBC’s Tokyo correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes has been trying to find out.

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Date: September 21, 2019

22 thoughts on “Sexless in Japan – BBC News

  1. My guess is that Japanese men have been watching too many adult videos their mind is cooked to form an unrealistic image of women. The fantasized image of women is shattered when they actually encounter real women. Their recourse is to go to brothels where their fantasies are somehow fulfilled. Thus, sex for procreation and family formation is denied but sex for fun is practiced.

  2. Japan's culture and society has many shining features. But, just like any society, it has shadows: negative features in its culture. Among these shadows is the utter devaluation of womanhood and parenthood. This is particularly manifested in the fuzoku businesses where women are objectified to cater to the pleasure and enjoyment of men. Also, in its large adult video industry. This devaluation, I believe, is one of the root causes of Japan's low birth rate.

  3. Well, i mean japans history had horny men back then in the edo time and women, so like that's the case, duh? But Japan is also not the only place that has sexual interactions, its in everyone around other places.

  4. This is happening everywhere and it's not only sex but ANY social interaction that young people are avoiding and it's not porn specifically but Internet in general that causes this in a generation born into Internet dominance.and growing up in a virtual world. This has been observed in mainland China to great extent..

  5. the issue is called " sex….."
    if we do not understand why Japan men-women interaction is in a coma we can not talk about sex.
    To modernise a country it takes 1-2 generations ,to develop as a person it takes teaching ,learning and get a life……once done , sex is an easy pastime.So it's the mind of japanese not open enough ? or are they a spineless
    bunch ? It is a long journey to dig into the japanese minds .
    My experience in Japan tells me that the men have 80% of the job to be done

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