Shahbaz sharif Phans gay|Dailymail ki khabar sach sabit hu gai|htv


Shahbaz sharif Phans gay|Dailymail ki khabar sach sabit hu gai|htv
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Shahbaz sharif Phans gay|Dailymail ki khabar sach sabit hu gai|htv


Date: August 4, 2019

20 thoughts on “Shahbaz sharif Phans gay|Dailymail ki khabar sach sabit hu gai|htv

  1. Yeh Pakistan Punjabion key baap ki jageer hai aur yeh Punjabi Pakistan ki maa ko subh sham din raat chidtey hain magar phir bhi mohibbe watan hain.
    PUNJABI Mafadiye aur UTGAIGEER hain aur aah bhi Punjabi line lafa ker Nawaz Shareef Shahbaz Shareef aur Sharewf khandan key boot aur gand chooomtey hain.
    Isi tarah Punjabi 1857 mein line laga ker Angeaizon key booot aur gand chooomtey they aur aaj bhi hain.

  2. Alatalha ke lanht ayse logo pr
    Alatalha umty muslma pr rhm kry or snt pr chlny ke tofek de amen som amen alatalha Pakistan ke hfazt kry Pakistan ky Dosmno or choro gdaro ko pkro or chock me band do ane jane wala doke or jute mare mrne tak waha bande rhe
    Pakistan army or isi zindabad Pakistan ky gumnam hero zindabad Pakistan paindabad Pakistan

  3. What Rubbish HaQAiq Tv is talking about Sr. IK
    These people are choors themselves, n are jealouse of nawazfamily n are waiting to join hands with them so they can also make money.
    PRETEND .TO LIKE ARMY. saying kalimas. these people are hypocrites n full of Greed!! just forget them👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Bhay sahib aap jo bhi ho please PM Imran Khan ko in kutton ke saath compare mat karo.

    Yaad rahe !! Wo Pm Imran Khan hi teh jhinon ne jeh corrimuption and money laundering ko hightlight kya our in gaddaron ko jail pohnchaya.

    Apni tarraf pehle daikho ke, tumne in choron luteron our mulk ke gaddaron ko hightlight karne kitni kaweshain ki hain.

  5. او ظالم خیرات لوٹ۔۔غیر مسلم زلزلہ زدگان کو امداد بھیجتے ھیں تو تم کمینے خاندان کے منافق وہ بھی لوٹ لیتے ھو۔ تم کو قبر قیامت کا کوی خوف نھیں ھے۔ چوروروں پر لعنت۔ھو سارا ٹبر چور ھے

  6. ان کا ساتھ دینے والے ان سے بڈے حرامی ھہی 22 کروڈ ھوام سوی ھوی ھے کوی ایکسچا پکستانی ھے جو ان کو سرعا م گو لی مار سکے ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ شاھد نھییی؟؟؟؟ plz dosom thing????

  7. Shobaz Sharif is a FRAUD. He swore that if he is caught in any corruption he will instantly Resign.
    So sad, we will not see him resign, cause the Sharifs are Greedy for Power and with power comes chances for them to Steal, Grab Land, Money Laundering, Murder,
    Break all the Laws, Tamper with the Law, Full Fledged Nepotism,
    Tampering with all the Establishments including the Justice System. Why will this booted 👢 Man Showbaz Resign.
    He will remain in power till he is not Kiccked out of office like his brother Nawaz Sharif .

  8. Showbaz ki purtyan kam nhi aai
    Pakistan Mai to adalat o IDARA hareed Lete hai
    Lakn London Mai aisa kam nhi hota na blackmailing na hareed sakte hai
    Ye in sicilyan mafia ke krtoot hai

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