Sharon Osbourne Feels "Betrayed" By "The Talk" Co-Stars | Daily Pop | E! News


Sharon Osbourne claims “The Talk” cohosts made a pact after producers blindsided a cohost months before the Meghan Markle and Piers Morgan incident. Get the scoop!

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Sharon Osbourne Feels “Betrayed” By “The Talk” Co-Stars | Daily Pop | E! News


Date: September 21, 2021

43 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne Feels "Betrayed" By "The Talk" Co-Stars | Daily Pop | E! News

  1. I stopped watching the show after she talked with such disrespect to Marie Osmond! She thought she was queen B of the show. Running so many good women off because she was up Sarah Gilbert's nose. Didn't work this time did it Sharon? Go home grandma! Who are you, what have you done in life except ride the coattails of your husband. BYE!

  2. I do not believe this is a racist person.
    She is educated, and a business woman.
    This was taking a comment WAY out of context, in a very horrible time of sensitivity and over reaction (by a drama queen cast member).
    Her friend is right about the awful Mr and Mrs Markle. They are trash in every color.
    He is going to be on Fox. So, well his racism is now in question.

  3. I didn't pay too much attention to this whole blow up when it happened. What I definitely recall is Sharon Osbourne coming across as completely hostile, aggressive, accusatory, argumentative and combative with her co-host. Sharon Osbourne would NOT shut up. Sharon Osbourne labelled herself a "racist", no one else did that. This is what I remember. Am I wrong? I welcome you all to comment and enlighten me on this.

  4. Just watching this play out, we knew she was hj-jacked! She's NOT a racist!
    And her co- host sure became comfortable taking her place, turning "The talk" into "The Woke Talk". It's not genuine views its a bunch of cancel culture BS!!! 🙄
    As soon as she spoke her mind back to an African American Woman, we knew she would be canceled. She spoke her truth. Yet no one else did that day! She was " led like a lamb to slaughter!" She was so right! I would watch her again!
    But we all quit watching The talk.
    We suport Sharon, Pearce, and anyone else that speaks their truth. We have the freedom of speech. Our soldiers fought and died for that right. Yes we all should be kind! But if you have an opinion you shouldn't be canceled because others take offense, especially on " a Talk" show where they ask "opinions"??

  5. Sharon WAS betrayed! She did not deserve the treatment given to her by Cheryl or Elaine. I have NOT watched the show since! Love Sharon, hope to see her on another venue! Miss you Sharon!

  6. She would have got away with that behaviour in the UK. Because that's how it is in the UK, the excuses would have been the same here we go the race card being played again then forgotten about, she would still have her job. She treated Sheryl horrible with no respect. People like Sharon Osbourne have no respect that word is not part of their vocabulary in the UK.

  7. I think she was set up because they know she is emotional and they thought they would get rid of a high paid co host. And it would be Free publicity and maybe bring some viewers back. But it backfired because at the end of the day they saw a bunch of millionaires argue over someone in Britain right to have a opinion it was Ridiculous. Megan markle is a public figure and he has a right to his opinion . But at the end of the day this is just entertainment.

  8. Sharon probably thought she was the glue that hold the show. The best thing sharon could have done is leave it alone. Just because you want to be loyal to your friend doesn't mean you have to ignore the way he is with people. Sharon has a cotton mouth many time they have to bleep what she said

  9. Sharon seems quite clueless!! Her behaviour towards Sheryl was disgusting. At her age protecting a racist like Piers (sp?) results in CONSQUENCES. Your panel doesn't seem to understand/grasp why people, especially black people, are so mad.

  10. There is no betrayal here. Sharon Osbourne should take responsibility for the racist, rude and disrespectful behavior towards her Black co-host. You all are complicit and constantly making excuses for these racist people. Even the Black hosts make excuse. Educate yourselves and get out of your enslaved minds. She has made other racist comments about her co-hosts from other minority groups. You are all a bunch of hypocrites. Black lives matter.

  11. She was getting on my last nerve.
    Like she's special or something. A wife of a old rock star.
    Big doo doo.
    Marie Osmond is special.
    She's the star with talent real talent.
    Oh and how did Ms Oz treat her?
    Very bad.
    I'm glad she's gone.
    Don't watch the Talk anymore.
    Marie is gone.
    F the talk.
    Ms Oz shut up.

  12. I stopped watching the show after she was let go ..I will never watch it again.. well ..maybe if they replaced the entire panel with new people.. but the ones they have now are snooze city.. yawn 😴

  13. She is still blaming someone other than herself. Having said that, I still believe in second chances and forgiveness. She needs to take complete ownership of her mistake when given her next opportunity.

  14. Sharon Osbourne is a perpetual victim! Her entire time on The Talk was full of microaggressions and prejudiced thinking against Black women, especially. She's a joke! And this panel allowing non-Black women to coddle Sharon's fragile ego and their own self-preservation is beyond irresponsible and just flat out dumb. There are consequences to your actions– if Sharon wanted forgiveness from her friends, she should be remorseful FIRST. People upset about being consequences being doled out should be as upset about the broader effect language and behavior like Sharon's has on the affected groups she's targeted for so long. 🙄 She needs to grow up and go away.

  15. She at least could have mentioned her wrongs.
    After 6 months she still couldn't wise up and take responsibility for what she did and said.
    Sharon Osbourne needs to go away if she hasn't changed nor got educated
    She needs to evolve into a good person

  16. Justin is STILL not making any sense. Saying that Sharon Osbourne can come back like Ellen doesn’t make any sense. She doesn’t have her own show to go to like Ellen. I’m glad Morgan called out his nonsense.

  17. I don't feel sorry for big mouth Sharon, and it might be nice if Morgan put her legs down– not a good look.

  18. I feel bad for Sharon and I do miss her. BUT I can’t get over her speaking out about Piers Morgan. Friends or not what Piers Morgan did on Live TV was wrong. The constant Megan hate is old. So I believe that Sharon should not have spoke out about her friend Piers. She can be friends with him but speaking out made her look like she was taking sides with Piers. Piers is a bully and has done nothing but attack Megan from the moment she didn’t answer Piers. Sharon should have not commented and showed some respect for people who are bullied by Piers that get away with it.

  19. She CHOSE to be loyal to her pal. Her actions communicate she was being loyal to Piers. ..not the crew Sharon made a promise to but Piers. The producers pay her not Piers. This isn't betrayal…..its sheer stupidity on Sharon's part.

  20. I think Sharon caused all the drama with her reaction and now she is in blame mode. No one misses her or piers.

  21. Wow! This group really tried to smooth things over for Sharon. She’s got a history of making racist comments but let’s make this about women supporting women? Bad take by all three of these people.

  22. Sheryl is the racist here. They been working on this show together for years, no problems. Hey Sheryl, you pulled an obama didn't you? Call a white person racist so you can replace him with one of your people. Not everyone is dumb as h.

  23. It's not a safe place to be for her racism I guess, Sharon spoke to her co-host like she was a piece of dirt. The two white women here, Morgan and the other one, always want to find excuses for Sharon, Piers Morgan etc- I wonder why that is😕

  24. Sharon Osbourne needs to go home and be a grandmother!

    She knows the real reason why she was asked to exit the talk !

    She has done a lot of things on the talk but you have to admit she they asked her did she support Piers Morgan for what he said about Duchess Meghan Markle say and did her own car we are by agreeing with him sorry y’all I’m just telling the truth the truth hurts!

    Remember that sit very well because they asked her that question and she took a negative approach to that question go back and look at it I read between the lines sorry y’all I just told the truth!

  25. Sharon you were betrayed big time. But do not worry they will get their karma. But they are most likely secretly jealous of you. And this was their chance to get you. You are better than them. They were never your friends.

  26. Cheryl underwood and Elaine throws Sharon Osborne under the bus. Because she is a good friend to piece Morgan I never like Elaine in the first place what were she doing on the talk. As for Cheryl underwood her time hasn't comes yet. Looked how she treated Sharon Osborne. It takes Meghan markel issues and another black women to take her side to turned against her co Star. Really Cheryl underwood you reap just what you sow. Just saying. You talked about being a Christian. God didn't say you should take side because Meghan markel say that some one said bad things about her. That you should believed every thing she said out of her mouth. Cheryl underwood and Elaine

  27. Sharon was the star of that show. Woke liberals are trying to destroy white shows/ movies so the BAME community can get their own shows with a token white to get away with their black supremacy plans

  28. Sharon has the right to her opinion, and that was not respected. Hey, she even has the right to have wrong opinions. Nobody is perfect, or right all the time. Not her, not me, not you.

    Its becoming exhausting to hear people complaining about everything and expecting public apologies. That is so immature! Life is suffering, deal with it. Dont be a snowflake. What kind of example will you prefer your children to have? A strong opinionated and unapologetic person or someone who always gives in just to avoid rocking the boat?

    Progressives are soooo hypocritical. They want unapologetic empowered women, but as long as they agree with them. You go ahead and be you, as long as you are what I want you to be. If not, they are the first one to drag you on the streets, they go after your blood and they gorge on it.

  29. It’s crazy how you want a second chance but when Black people ask for one chance to show that their not criminals , not threatening etc . but their not giving the opportunity.Why should you get any grace for being a racist and speaking to your so called friend like that.!

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