Shen Yun a ‘Magical Evening’ Says Actress Barbara Rosenblat


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Barbara Rosenblat an actress and a voice artist saw Shen Yun on Jan. 13. She found every minute of the performance exciting, and even during the curtain call she was blown away.

“It was just wonderful. Two hours I was not bored for a minute,” Rosenblat said. “Even the curtain calls when they came out, they just continue to thrill throughout the entire evening.”

Rosenblat is known for her work on Orange is the New Black in 2013. She is also one of the most beloved narrators of Audiobooks in the country with more than 400 titles to date.

Rosenblat has won 8 coveted Audie Awards, and over 40 “Golden Earphone Awards.” She was also named as one of the “Golden Voices” and a “Voice of the Twentieth Century.”

From dancing to choreography, to the customs, to the stories, Rosenblat was impressed by every aspect of the performance.

“Stunning dancing, gorgeous colors. but for me the most interesting part was the integration between the animation and the live dance, that was just stunning,” she added. “The Talent in this show … It must have been 30 dancers up there. The talent was top rate, top rate. Beautiful dancing.”

“Those costumes, they’re not just costumes. They are props, they’re magical implements, that provide you with just an eyeful of beautiful stunning staging.”

“The stories are timeless. For example, the young girl who wants to study, and she changes to become a boy. Reminded me of Yentl, the story that Barbra Streisand did, about the young girl who wants to study Torah, and she dresses up as a boy to study with the young men,” said Rosenblat. “These are timeless historic stories, and that’s why a show like this, is just wonderful for young and old alike.

“The stories of this marvelous buffet of Chinese history, music, culture, and it’s also relatable. There was nothing that was so complex you didn’t understand.
It made sense, you related. It was enjoyable, you were amazed at the gifted performers and the wonderful orchestra. [It] was a magical evening,” she added.

She thinks that Shen Yun is a divinely inspired performance.

“I think that anything that lifts the soul, and the spirit, in a group like an audience, is divinely inspired.”

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Date: May 17, 2020

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