Miranda Zhou-Galati trained at Fei Tian Academy with specialization in classical Chinese dance. Since 2007 she has performed with Shen Yun Performing Arts on its annual tours as well as in its productions of Holiday Wonders. In 2009, Ms. Zhou-Galati won second place honors at NTDTV’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition, and in 2010, she achieved first place.



  1. She is my favorite dancer, so beautiful, a true girl. I need to learn to be a true girl like her because everybody tells me that I'm not a girl, my appearance is a girl but my soul is a man. 😁

  2. I purchased a ticket last year at the last minute to one of the Utah showings. Only seat left was front row. I am happy I purchased that ticket. I got to see Miranda dance up close. It was spellbinding. Miranda is very pretty, and combined with the inner light that she radiates, it makes her absolutely beautiful. I was very pleased to see that she was with Shen Yun again this year.


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