Simon Cowell Speaks Out After Breaking His Back | E! News


The “America’s Got Talent” judge thanks fans for get well wishes after surgery and doles out sage advice about riding an electric bike post-accident.

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Simon Cowell Speaks Out After Breaking His Back | E! News


Date: October 15, 2020

29 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Speaks Out After Breaking His Back | E! News

  1. I wish you a speedy recovery
    This past year agt was an awful finalist. Not a talent !
    We obviously need you back to make things right again.
    Look forward to seeing you next year! 😍

  2. Simon has got Karma now should not of upset ppl in AGT and BGT I be surprised if some of his arguments hasn't sent some of the to suicide

  3. K and? He broke 1d, little mix, fifth harmony, and so much more. He's the reason One Direction needed a break. Yeah, he's a human and all, but he has no feelings for those he uses to make money. Yes, he made the one thing that saved my life, but also overworked and destroyed them.

  4. What are you doing letting that horrible Megan Markle On one of your shows, letting AshLey Banjo do that silly dance routine, and be a judge, Alicia Dixon wearing that BLM necklace, your really pissing off the British public.

  5. Mr. Simon….Take care of yourself and when you are able, I look forward to your return to AGT and BGT.
    Ignore the haters.
    GodSpeed on your Recovery and spend some quality time with your Family.

  6. I hate it when they don't have there facts right
    1. He is British
    2. Stared on America's got talent
    3. He broke his back but luckily it wasn't as bad as they make it out to be.

    Stay safe🙂

  7. A very quick recovery to you, Simon
    Miss you on AGT
    You are my favorite judge! Follow orders and you will be back before you can say, "You now have 4 yes's
    Carolyn, Ohio

  8. Thank God you are alive Simon, take care of yourself, No more trying to ride electric bike, instead get a tricycle, my dear you will be better off, loll you can smile now, stay safe, may God keep on blessing you!

  9. Hope u get better, but, never cared much about someone who makes a living insulting and belittling people. People just love to kiss up to anyone who is successful. Even if its bullying people around. Ps. Ive never been on the show nor know of anyone on the show.

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