Skull-eton! Man CUT OFF nose and ears, tattooed face to resemble skull


A 22-year-old tattoo artist that goes by the nickname ‘Kalaca Skull’ has cut of his nose, ears and tongue and tattooed himself in the likeness of a skull, footage from Cartagena on Saturday shows.

Eric Yeiner Hincapie Ramirez became ‘Kalaca Skull’ and tattooed most of his face and body in an effort to look like an actual skull. To achieve his artistic dream he had to undergo painful surgeries such as mutilating the lower end of his nose and tattooing his eyes black.

“I do not relax, this is a lifestyle, a style of culture, a style of work,” Kalaca says adding that he enjoys travelling and sharing his passion with others.

“At this moment I have six modifications” Kalaca explains.

His tongue, ears and nose had been cut and he also has two scarifications.

People don’t always receive his ‘deadly’ looks in a positive way but others seem more understanding.

“It is a very personal lifestyle,” says a man working at the cemetery where Kalaca frequents seeking inspiration for his tattoos.


SOT, Kalaca Skull (Eric Yeiner Hincapie Ramirez), tattoo artist (Spanish): “We are a ‘skull’, we are all going to get to the same place and there are people who are afraid of me because of my appearance and everything, I do not relax, this is a lifestyle, a style of culture, a style of work, you can also see how I work because by having a tattoo, modifications, I can travel to many ‘lao’ because there are people who have the curiosity to really know how one is.”

SOT, Kalaca Skull (Eric Yeiner Hincapie Ramirez), tattoo artist (Spanish): “At this moment I have two scarifications, my tongue is bifurcated, I have the mocha of the nose, and the one removed from the ears in total I have three … six modifications at the moment.”

SOT, Man working in the cemetery (Spanish): “It is a very personal lifestyle and very identified because he does this things and he shows them because they are things to show is an example already.”

SOT, Jorge Rodriguez, tattoo artist (Spanish): “The question with Kalaca, because the yalo has told and all Kalaca the problem was the death of the mother, he died when the mother Kalaca was not the same again.”


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Date: October 17, 2020

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