Sky News Debate: Climate Change: Don’t Be Cynical


Martin Stanford debates the future of the world as 150 world leaders gather in Paris to control climate change; President Obama says the biggest obstacle is cynicism.
Plus, technology. Fast track to the future.
Ben Schreiber, Programme Director, Friends of the Earth US.
Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association. Author: The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream.
Jeffrey Robinson, Democrat Commentator.

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Date: May 6, 2020

16 thoughts on “Sky News Debate: Climate Change: Don’t Be Cynical

  1. The climate on earth is much cooler now than normal, for millions of years the planet was able to support dinosaurs, dinosaurs require warmer temps in order to survive. The earth is slowly returning to its normal natural climate. But to accuse people of doing this is utterly ludicrous. These are the real wackos. They denie that the earth is normally much warmer because, they stand behind the idea that the majority of the scientific community agrees with them, keep in mind only a small percentage of these scientists are qualified to asses the climate and its change, the rest are simply giving their opinion.

  2. This isn't a debate. Climate change is going to kill us and gop wackos are the problem vs climate change is a problem the oil companies are trying to cover up but we should deal with… that is what this is. Climate Change punch. Keep drinking!

  3. And unfortunately masochistic tendencies among developed countries leaders won. We just hang up the white flag and surrendered to Africa, India and other poor countries. We have to pay reparations, just as if we had lost a war.

  4. why should America pay to develop India we are 20 trillion dollars in debt and losing jobs to other countries every job so I think the US should stop giving money to other countries and stop imports of all manufactured goods. it a company wants to sell products in the US they can open a plant here and product it in this country.

  5. I am a targeted individual being attacked with direct energy weapons and I am a human subject to a Military Electronic Experiment funded by The Government of the united states Please Help Me US Targeted Individual – Mexicali Baja California Mexico

  6. "CLIMATE SPECULATION" ——- PERFECT > not global warming….. not climate change…… –> CLIMATE SPECULATION > re-use this labelling in all conversations and discussions and correspondence .

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