Sky News host Alan Jones breaks down in tears over drought crisis


26 thoughts on “Sky News host Alan Jones breaks down in tears over drought crisis

  1. 1984 was the last time we built a dam in this country … it's a good thing the population and usage of water hasn't increased since then, otherwise we'd be in real trouble !

  2. Our manufacturing industry is gone to China.
    Our service industry has been outsourced to Indian call centers.
    Our Information Tech industry has been largely outsourced as well.
    Our farmers are some of the only people in the economy that are still producing anything.

  3. I cried at his ignorant comments that relate purely to dairy farmer's. As Pauline keeps banging on about. If ya cows have no food due to a drought tough luck for farmer's. They're never keen to hand back all the money the government and the generous public give them.

  4. Why doesn't the Australian government begin a massive water line project?..Have the water pipelines built across the nation so all have an adequate supply?..It would create jobs as well as help all who need fresh water.Make use of the tax payer funds rather than being wasteful @Australia leadership.

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  6. What the fuck is wrong with these people in government? Its the same in Canada, give away all our money to third world ovaries and
    forget our farmers. Its getting to the point where WE, us farmers need our own country! Western Canada, Alberta for sure is this close to separating from the east, we cant take it anymore. Farmers Unite Worldwide!! Ill be your Ag. Minister!

  7. Australia is no longer a country.
    It is now just a money pit for anyone in the world to come and take whatever they want.
    Supported by a bunch of lowlife grubs in Canberra that call themselves The Government

  8. It is very easy for all of you who go to the markets or supermarkets to get food to completely remove yourself from how to produce your own food. Farmers do that for you. Next time you go hungry…or your beef goes up in price remember you did NOTHING to produce that food.

  9. I urge everyone to watch Parliament question time & see with your own eyes & hear with your own ears the blatant manipulation & lies Scott Morrison & his party spew out there. I honestly think that they believe Australian citizens are idiots. They have been in power for years now & still blame the other sides for ScoMo's party's complete failures & empty promises & ridiculous policies & procedures. EG, The current farming crisis, the current high unemployment rate, the ever increasing homeless situation, the stagnant wage problem & the ever increasing immigration crisis that sees roughly 6000 people a week entering our country & burdening our systems even further. The majority of Australians MR PRIME MINISTER wants you to START putting us & our needs FIRST & FOREMOST.

  10. Yep nz govt is making war on farmers here and as a farm owner here we to will fight with you . Meanwhile Donald Trump is telling U,S farmers to buy bigger tractors .

  11. How can Scott Morrison keep Australia in the Paris Climate Accord, which hurts hard-working Australians, do nothing as Australian farmers are wiped out and claim to be for the Australian People!?… Just like the phony and lazy leftists, he lives lavishly at the expense of the tax-payers that he appears to care little for! I don't see any common-sense or Conservatism in the man!

  12. Maybe the idea could be to REDIRECT
    4.5 billion of foreign aid to the farmers stricken by disasters, foreign ownership, banking assaults, completely ILLOGICAL WATER MANAGEMENT. What is the PRIORITY? Farmers work hard for generations. They love what they do, they have knowledge , experience etc.They know their land, like a child. On top of that they have to put up with the 9/10 crazy protesters. Why they were LOCKED OUT of the recent 'Water Conference' that pretty much set their faith. Who BENEFITS from all of this disasters? Are we as a country going to wait to see who are the new OWNERS. The Nature? Does Gov really believe that, or they believe we believe. Even if that is the case, is it worth DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES. As a useful idiot Greta should say: ' HOW DARE YOU???'.

  13. Sky news…. again not talking about the real crooks…. You do realise the the current drought is man made…. by a National and Liberal government that miss managed the river system by handing the keys to irrigators.

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