Sky Sports pundits pick their Top FIVE Greatest Footballers of All-Time! | The Football Show


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Sky Sports pundits Jamie Redknapp, Graeme Souness, Alan Smith and Paul Merson pick their top five footballers of all-time.

Who would you choose in your five? Let us know in the comments section.

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Date: May 11, 2020

30 thoughts on “Sky Sports pundits pick their Top FIVE Greatest Footballers of All-Time! | The Football Show

  1. How about use your chance on a platform to expose this SCAMDEMIC that is taken place.
    Our freedoms being taken away.
    Instead you have a bunch of adults sat there talking about your top 5 footballers.

  2. 1…2 …. Messi or Ronaldo flip a coin to close to call. I really love watching both. People who favour one over the other are just crazy.

    3. Maradona
    4. Ronaldinho
    5. Ronaldo

  3. CR7. you guys don't understand… This is a competitive sport… CR7 has proven himself in different countries.. if Messi played in the English leagues he wouldn't have lasted… Messi is good but Ronaldo is the greatest.. it's just a matter of personality.. Messi thinks he's the best and Ronaldo says he's the best.. CR7

  4. The same argument that Messi and Ronaldo didn’t play when hacking and bad pitches were a thing really has to apply in reverse to both Best and Gazza, had those guys had the clubs and protection that young players get now they would have had very different careers

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