Snowball Earth? | National Geographic


Scientists think there may have been a time where Earth was completely covered by glaciers.
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Snowball Earth? | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: December 2, 2019

34 thoughts on “Snowball Earth? | National Geographic

  1. I think that if a "Snowball Earth" catastrophe were to happen and especially happen swiftly, then there would be a BIG-TIME resurgence of the traditional Norse polytheistic religion! This is because, according to the Norse eschatology, Ragnarok — which basically means "The Twilight of the Gods" — begins with a ridiculously harsh multi-year winter known as "Fimbulwinter". A sudden "Snowball Earth" catastrophe would be a nice fit for Fimbulwinter, indeed!

  2. just one note to this nice video -please see 43rd second – as glacacier move down to equator, sea level should be much lower so we will see much more dry land – just my opinion- during last ice age was land between england and danemark dryland – at least according to national geographic – in this scenario should be icesheet much more thicker, so there should be much more dry land. 🙂

  3. I think you're mixing up the times. The last ice age's glaciers/ice did not extend as far as what they are talking about. Last ice age ended about 10,000 ya. They're talking about snowball earth (glaciers covering everything). Snowball Earth was before the Cambrian explosion… more than 650 million years ago… so yes all the animals we know about evolved after that big one (650 mya).

  4. yes, it happen when the sun travelled to allah's throne to prostrate to allah and asked permission to rise again. the time taken was too long and the earth freezed until the sun travel back. do you get it?? if not read the hadith and ask mohamed!

  5. Interesting to see aspects of Science have determined that an Ice Age occurred in recent history & may well have surrounded the Planet. Hmmm..? Now how much life survived such a planetary Catastrophe? Answer, Virtually zero! But then how do we explain the abundance of diversity of life today? Did it evolve since the last Ice age? That would be something! Isn't an Ice age frozen water? A frozen Flood? Would the equators be first to thaw or flood? Such an event would cause plate shift & quakes.

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