Son Saves Dad's Life After Shipwrek Leavs Family Stranded | I Shouldn't Be Alive S4 EP2 | Wonder


On the final leg of an amazing two year sailing voyage, the Silverwood Family hit some stormy weather 180 miles west of Bora Bora in the South Pacific. It’s no big deal, until a broken mast pin and a submerged rocky reef suddenly turns their adventure into a potentially deadly one. As the mast snaps, it falls on dad John, severing his leg. It’s then up to teenage son Ben, to become a man and save his family against all odds.

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Witness the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in life or death survival situations. With first-hand accounts and incredible re-enactments, I Shouldn’t Be Alive presents the raw danger these people faced and shows the physical and mental battle they all had to overcome in their effort to stay alive.

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Date: May 21, 2020

47 thoughts on “Son Saves Dad's Life After Shipwrek Leavs Family Stranded | I Shouldn't Be Alive S4 EP2 | Wonder

  1. What's the point in shouting to a plane? Do people actually believe the pilot can hear them? It happens in every single episode. It's dumb, waste of moisture and energy.

  2. kinda sounds like the dad had a really selfish wish to sail around the world but dragged his whole family along. I understand wanting to teach your kids to love sailing and but taking them out for 3 months on summer vacation would have suffices. sailing around for 20 months out at sea?! That sounds like straight up torture I feel bad for those kids who didnt get to hangout with their friends and were cooped up on that boat for so long.

  3. It’s extremely rare to witness the snap of a moment (because generally it’s gradual)when a boy becomes a man and this was one of those moments. That’s just an amazing story. Glad all survived.

  4. Love John's attitude…he was a hoot in telling about his ordeal. And Ben, well, he is def a hero, and a great son and brother. So happy for this family that all survived, healthy and happy and can go and live out their lives!

  5. Again! Another story about a parent living out their dream and putting the kids in danger! Smh 🤦‍♀️ please do it when you retire and without the kids so that if it comes to death, it’s only you.

  6. You see if they would I’ve just continued to try to fix the sail they would of never run into the reef and pretty much screwed themselves also there goes a lot of money wasted

  7. it seemed like they thought a not water land able plane was asay to pick them up from the waterc? it hust sounds so stupid that they even thought that, of course they would of contacted someone else to come and get you🤣🤣🤣

  8. "The whole dream of my life was desintegrating in front of my eyes"
    Well… is that really what he was thiking at this moment?!? And… your family safety?

  9. What the bloody hell did they expect from the plane? Of course it can’t land to help. Unless it was clearly and obviously a sea plane, it’s going to head back. Good story, but that part annoyed me.

  10. like no hate or anything against this amazing family but you gettin upset cuz plane won't land in the ocean.. like bruh… should it just crash and sink or what lol

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