South China Sea: 'Leave immediately and keep far off' – BBC News


A BBC team flew over the disputed South China Sea islands in a US military plane.

Six countries have competing claims in the sea, but tensions have increased in recent years and China has backed its claim with island-building and patrols.

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Date: September 19, 2019

41 thoughts on “South China Sea: 'Leave immediately and keep far off' – BBC News

  1. Sometimes a name can cause some confusion to a country of its territory, its ownership and may even lead to claiming the territory for itself. We must set this straight and redefine this portion of the sea and rename it accordingly. This sea should be called South East Asia Sea. I hope everyone would agree and make this change.

  2. ignore them like you didn’t hear or see them….because they are very defensive and worried in everything ….Philippines getting money on them in online gambling…they need them because of money….money cannot buy trust and respect.

  3. HAHAHA… China fooled you, and Obama let it happen. China knew he was a sissy and now the build-up is too far advanced for the US to stop it. You got fooled good and now China controls that part of the ocean and there is nothing – NOTHING – little US can do about it. China makes you look like the skinny wimp on the beach getting sand kicked in your face. ROFLMAO This one is done and over.

  4. Before:
    Philippines has the strongest military equipment in asia they have there own missiles, warships, fighter jets, tanks, hospital ships…
    Philippines has the weakest military equipment…..

    Our old military equipment… Has been scrapyard and abandoned by the stupidity of AQUINOS! Bash me if you want i am just telling the truth and i based it to the people who lived in the marcos era…… If im not mistaking my country is now recovering from the past admins……. Hope that Philippines will rise again.

  5. of the many millions of filipinos there is a lot whos willing to die fighting these chinese off… contrary to what our president is saying. our president is mainly playing the ploy of china… TO KEEP WEST PHILIPPINE SEA MATTERS OFF THE INTERNATIONAL RADAR UNTIL AFTER EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE… BY THEN CHINA WOULD HAVE ESTABLISHED A FIRM GROUND ON THESE AREAS THAT NOT EVEN ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD CAN HELP US….

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