Soviet Lifestyle Museum. USSR Things. St Petersburg, Russia


Soviet Lifestyle Museum contains the things of 70-80s, which were present in the life of almost every Soviet Union person. Over 1,600 original exhibits in 6 thematic halls of the Museum.

The Soviet household appliances, TV, photo and audio equipment, electronics, vinyl collections, music instruments, clothing, toys, games, groceries, drinks, perfume, banknotes and coins, personal documents, and many more.

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Date: October 15, 2020

40 thoughts on “Soviet Lifestyle Museum. USSR Things. St Petersburg, Russia

  1. I love recent history themed museums. I went to a "museum town" and it was split in to several time periods, one section had 1800s houses complete with things like old spinning wheels and stuff like that. My favorite section though was the 1950s section though. I would love to see a Soviet museum.

  2. I went to visit this museum in October because of this wonderful little video. I was hoping to re-visit it some day but I just saw that it has been closed permanently due to COVID-19. So sad.

  3. I love how even the restroom is an actual exhibit 😀 I've seen some really innovative museums that promote a seamless experience but that's a whole new level, props to the staff and curator, keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. I have seen in this Museum there is LP of Italian singer " Toto Cutugno " he is more popular in Russia than Italy ! Thank you for the video .

  5. Fascinating! Thanks for the tour. A lot of the toys were much like the ones that I grew up with in 1970's America. I would so love to see the uniforms in person and closely examine them, as I am a tailor and clothing designer.

  6. According to my knowledge, the Soviet System was Better than new liberalism. They were self-sufficient & prosperous. They've nothing to do, except working for the country, resources were controlled to keep balance the soviet system. Everything was well planned & implemented by the Soviet State.
    But unfortunately, all of the sudden a "Judas" became the president of the USSR (Mikhail Gorbachev) he disaster our red hero's Kingdom.
    "lets him rotten alive"

  7. Amazing museum, like time machine. I recognised so many things we had in our flat in Kiev. On this reel-to-reel recorder I used to listen to Jesus Christ Superstar and Alan Parsons Project. Dolls made in German Democratic Republic – USSR used to import them. I still have four !

  8. I loved this great little museum! It's just great to see the old Soviet times come to live through all those everyday items, and to see how similar end yet just that bit different everything was compared to our western lives. I just noticed the museum when walking around the area, it's a shame (but maybe also a blessing?) that this museum is hardly ever mentioned in any travel guide either on paper or online.

  9. I’d like to go in a time machine back to Soviet times. The only problem being American I would immediately be labeled as a spy 😉

  10. the photo of Jimmy Morrison on the mixing console touches. cult musician, cult band. a whole generation of rockers in the USSR grew up on their work as well as on the work of led Zeppelin and several other cornerstone groups.

  11. Sergey, styling and profiling those long over coats! LOL! Looks good on you! No interigation please.. I'm not a threat.

  12. Very interesting! Technology keeps getting better and better, things change so fast! Most important is we all promote peace and good lives for our families and our children!

  13. I'm surprised we don't get that stateside I guess with the trade embargoes that won't come in I do miss being able to buy a good quality Russian goods have a great day

  14. They call those caps we had those in the United States when we were growing up I also noticed a toy Makarov in there and that's a mosin pistol that you're talking about that uses that paper with the solver but they were modeled after look like real guns looks like you had a toy Colt peacemaker in there I guess that was before the Soviet Union error so it was all right to have something American looking in there have a great day

  15. Soviet culture museum I'm surprised you're not playing Soviet error patriotic music instead of Donna Summer's hot stuff in the background have a great day

  16. My parents had a reel to reel when I was a kid (70s). I loved playing with it. Most of that stuff looks about the same as the crap we had in the US at the same time.

  17. 1:42 it’s a photographic negative enlarging tower from the late 40’s to early 60’s, and you can tell based on the bellows being covered by foil on this case along with those guide rails underneath the “nose” cone area being for the 50mm f/3.5 M39 Mount lens

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