SpaceX: the future looks bright for human space travel


THE future of private spaceflight looks bright after SpaceX completed a high-stakes landing of its Crew Dragon capsule.

The vehicle is designed to one day carry astronauts to space, and was put through its paces via a fiery unmanned test flight back to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS).

The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule began its journey back to Earth on Friday (March 8) following a successful undocking from the International Space Station (ISS).

The unmanned capsule’s voyage marks a key milestone for Elon Musk’s space company and NASA’s long-delayed goal to resume human spaceflight from U.S. soil later this year.

The 16-foot tall (4.9 meter) capsule docked at the space station on Sunday (March 3) after lifting off a day earlier from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center atop a Falcon 9 rocket, carrying a test dummy nicknamed Ripley.

Crew Dragon delivered crew supplies and equipment to the ISS. During its five-day stay, U.S. astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques ran tests and inspected Crew Dragon’s cabin.

Crew Dragon will spend a little time in space before re-entering the atmosphere and it is set to splash down in the Atlantic Ocean, not far off the Florida coast, at 1345GMT, a few hours after the undocking process (0731GMT).

SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with International Space Station as Elon Musk marks another launch breakthrough:

‘Exhausted’ Elon Musk reveals he gave Crew Dragon spacecraft ‘10% chance of reaching orbit’ after successful Space X test launch:

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Date: June 4, 2020

37 thoughts on “SpaceX: the future looks bright for human space travel

  1. Berkland currents are the future of space travel. It is the only way to get an inexhaustible supply of of energy, which means an inexhaustible supply of power. Which means unimaginable speeds. And since Berkland currents created electromagnetic fields like the ones that protects Earth. We should be able to generate our own electromagnetic shields with the Electrical power contained in Berkland currents, the incredible amount of energy that will be needed to power the new technologies like super powerful electrical engines, ion drives and electromagnetic shields already exist in Berkland currents. If we can tap into Berkland currents all our energy needs and propulsion problems can be solved. We need to start researching and investigating technologies that will allow us to take advantage of these Berkland currents. Have a truly Electrical Day.

  2. All these Flat-Earth psyops in the comments section desperately trying to distract people from Hollow Earth theory. I wonder how much the CIA is paying you shills.

  3. Remember the days when you could go online and talk with people about astronomy and/or space travel without a bunch of flat Earth retards crashing the discussion? I miss those days.

  4. She made small error here, in here assumption about full and distance to mars. Because there is no friction in space, you do not need to have rocket ignited all the way to mars, the engines are used to escape earth gravity, and to slow down, or change direction, but not to move once it has velocity there is nothing that slows it down. So engine do not need to be on, so there is no full usage, you need some heat to keep people alive, but that comes from electricity.

  5. the video starts out using the phrase "SAT on top" I think what she was trying to say was "SITTING on top"…I swear to God British people can't speak proper English..

  6. So in future all elite gonna live on moon and Mars after consuming the all source of the earth… People dieing by hunger, homeless ect yet they having fun with their unnecessary wealth… I want the name and address of all the 700 registered people….

  7. Waste of money and time. Humans cannot live in space, there are no habitual planets near by so two problems. If we inhabit Mars for example after a few generations the people there will look odd not Human….Martian. If we go light years away by the time we arrive we will be 'glue' …and in any case who cares. This is our planet the money should be spent on fixing it becouse one thing is certain, our life on Earth is guaranteed and not some mickey mouse moon trip by some wanker who really has more money than sence.

  8. News flash! SpaceX Fanboys excited about new video release. We're going to Mars y'all! If any fanboy ends up standing on mars or the Moon please hit me up and I'll gladly apologize for not believing the same bologna they've been selling us for 60 years

  9. We haven't eliminated useless work, poverty, hunger…we haven't solved illiteracy or made education a human right.

    But the future looks bright because some billionaire jackass has a "started in debt" company that is getting huge amounts of corporate tax breaks just because it is a promise to depart from cooperate launching with the Russians.

    My God, I guess I didn't have to be born in the 50s to enjoy the Cold War.

  10. 5:14 "A lot work to do to figure out how to keep passengers safe from radiation" – what the hell were you people doing back in the late 60's and early 70s ? ask NASA right ? they had it all sussed… no problem mate… all those astronauts came back radiation free didn't they… so, what's the problem ?

  11. Let's not forget, if this is possible, real space travel, we as humans could become something else entirely or we might finally be able to answer the age old question, are we alone in this universe

  12. Boeing will make money in space, SpaceX will make history regardless of what NASAs plan is. Mars is an expensive publicity trip, there is no reason to go there more than we went to the moon in the 70s. The moon is where a permanent space base should be planned, along with a permanent space telescope that won't run out of fuel and burn up, can be maintained.

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