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For centuries the Royals have been seen as a pillar of power, however the ‘Megxit’ scandal involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle threatens to tear the House of Windsor apart: Sky News investigates the drama and future-plans for the world’s most captivating family.

Whether it’s the recent ‘Megxit’ saga involving the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or the Prince Andrew revelations around his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Royals are never far from public scrutiny.

Join Sky News’ host Peter Stefanovic as he takes an in-depth look into the ‘Sussex Saga,’ with those close to the Royals providing unprecedented insights into the inner workings of the pivotal event in history.

While the future for the House of Windsor remains uncertain, questions about whether the Queen can keep her family together are mounting.


Date: May 12, 2020

33 thoughts on “Special Report: Royals in crisis | Sky News

  1. This punk Harry could not find a white woman in England immature enough to suit his juvenile behavior. He had to travel to Hollywood to find a gold digging Half Chat . Set out to bring this tramp tramp into the Royal Court and Household. Uncle Andrew Charlies brother given enough time would bedded her, then would have pimped her off to Jeffrey Weinstein the child sex fiend for a song.

  2. This is the first, last and only post I will ever watch from you. it was factually incorrect in many regards and your take on the situation is laughable. Harry and Meghan made a decision to leave the Royal Family to pursue a private life out of the limelight. They are not entitled to one penny more from HM Treasury. Taking millions from Prince Charles is hardly moving towards financial independence. Meghan is treated the way she is in the press because of her actions as is the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate. Kate is a polished, discrete and elegant woman whereas Meghan is a society licking bitch that is only interested in furthering her own agenda. Harry is weak minded and she is taking fuoll advantage of this, stirring the memories of his mothers death and convincing him that history is repeating itself with her. There is no comparison between the two. She could only hope to be half the woman Diana was. Harry needs to move on…Alot of people lose a parent pre teen years but most aren't bleeting on about it this many years later. She is stirring his emotions up to keep control over him. She's using that baby as a weapon as well… why wouldn't she bring him on her last visit other than to somehow take a swipe at our Queen{the most respected woman on the planet). She wants to preach about how we should all live our lives while living the highlife herself. She is a hypocrite. She was nobody before she married Harry, a B list actor with a small amount of success on one tv show. She was quite prepared to be in the spot light and accept funding for heer multi million pound wedding and for the refurbishment of her gifted home wh ch cost millions also. She will kick Harry to the curb soon enough when she has got all she can from him…she has his baby now and security for life. Her disrespect for the Queen will be her downfall. she is an arrogant money grabbing parasite who is a legend in her own mind…The media are portraying her correctly. She is not portrayed as Kate is because she doesn't act as Kate does. Los Angeles can have her. She will never be welcomed back in the UK. Hopefully Harry grows a pair and dumps her.

  3. They have combined worth of $30-50 million and their security detail already costs $14 million…without their Royal titles and support, they worth NOTHING and can't make millions on their own. How funny that they plan to maintain the same lavish lifestyle. Their hollywood friends will distance from them because they no longer have money or Royal name. They will soon learn about how the real world works outside the Palace. Basically, if they want to make a big buck, they have to sell out their previous royal name. That seems too low and desperate!

    MM can't act and H doesn't have any marketable skills. Just look at that reaction of the Disney boss, I don't think she can even get the voice work again. Now, it's about business with them. With the way she destroys Harry's life and disrespects the Queen, which company is dumb enough to hire her?

    I am thankful that President Trump said US taxpayers won't pay for their security and close that door because I definitely don't want to waste my taxes on these two spoiled brats.

  4. Overthrow these sick people. These people are sick, evil pedophiles and murderers. They are welfare bums. They are no better than the bums down the street. When are you going to stop? This is parthetic. It is an embarrassment that you still have a royal family. People will still visit the UK without them. I wouldn't visit because of them. They make me ill. Thank God, for 1776.

  5. Working to become financially independent….is why she moved back into the USA. Remember she wants coming back for the next 5 years…after PRESIDENT Trump was gone. However, President Trump's tax policies are much friendlier to starting a business and "charity."

  6. She may have been unheard of in the U.K. as an actor but she can do a really mean coy, sad, bambi eyes on the verge of tears. Ginger is a fool and the pair of them have thrown it all away like kids tossing their toys out. Fancy touting your wife for a voice over job! They are not a classy couple.

  7. Once the Queen dies thats it, Im glad Harry and Meghan jumped the sinking ship. All these idiots with your "God save the Queen" the bitch is going to be 94 how much more saving u think hes gonna save, stfu.

  8. Have some compassion for Harry…Charles just told him that he is not his biological father….years of living a lie….his wonderful mother gone…Harry deserves all the royal perks he has earned.A good man who wants his loving wife and baby to be free. May God continue to bless them in every way.

  9. Andrea, they don't get tax money. They receive income at the Queen's discretion. Perhaps they should also take away everyone's, former politicals as well, security. In case you have forgotten he IS a future Kings son and brother regardless of his position in line.

  10. A bit of a left field one , but does Harry realise how stupid his hair looks in profile, he looks like a ginger fryer ( nothing against gingers by the way ).

  11. After Prince Harry finds Meghan Markle someone he loves. Toboids at first spoke highly of her until they find out about her past. Meghan is not responsible for who she was born too! Or the behaviors of her family. Toboids has been totally unfair to Meghan and Harry, it's like they can't do anything right. Toboids wants to blames Meghan for every decision they make. It's totally unfair to Meghan. The only person(s) that's been fair to the couple has been Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry just wants to protect his family. Seems all the people wants is Prince Harry back into the Royal family even if it's without Meghan. How sad! It's so many other scandalist things in the Royal family.

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