"Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience"—Shen Yun Inspires West Palm Beach, Florida


Former movies composer is inspired by Shen Yun to think of the spiritual meaning of life.

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Shen Yun Performing Arts inspires its audience in West Palm Beach to wa nt to know more about the show, about China, and about life.

[Garrison St. Clair, Information Specialist, Musician]:
“I thought the show was superb. I’ve been in the entertainment industry. I’ve worked in seven movies. I’ve been a professional musician. This is a very high caliber of entertainment. But there was quite a story here. They had so many things to say about, let’s call it reality. So many truths in the drama, in the story, in the dance. So, l loved to read the little bios and what was this one about, what was that song about.”

[Lonnie Winter, Office Manager]:
“It’s such a peaceful, uplifting feeling that you get from watching it. The costumes and the music, it’s just amazing.”

[Garrison St. Clair, Information Specialist, Musician]:
“There is a reason why this is not allowed in China. We have learned to tell the truth in stories, and songs, and dance.”

“Because we are actually all divine, so I asked that question: Are you a human figuring out if there’s a spiritual life, or are you a spiritual being having a human experience.”

[Lonnie Winter, Office Manager]:
“Everyone should see it. I understand that they’d be going to another part of Florida, and then Mexico City, and I wish them well.”

Shen Yun has three equally large performing groups and their coming shows are in Mexico City, Madison, Wisconsin, and Albany, New York.

NTD News, West Palm Beach, Florida

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Date: May 28, 2020

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