Sri Lanka mourns deaths following Easter Sunday attacks – BBC News


The authorities in Sri Lanka have blamed a local Islamist group for the Easter Sunday bombings which killed more than 300 people and left 500 wounded. Foreigners are also among the dead, including British citizens.

A number of people have been arrested and the Sri Lankan prime minister says there may have been prior information about a possible attack.

BBC News at Ten’s coverage of the aftermath of the attacks, with Clive Myrie at the scene and reports from South Asia correspondent Yogita Limaye.

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Date: September 5, 2019

46 thoughts on “Sri Lanka mourns deaths following Easter Sunday attacks – BBC News

  1. Don't try to mislead people by misinterpretation. This is not Islamic terrorism. This is another example of deliberate terrorism in the name of Islam to defame Islam and muslims around the world.
    Condolence to christian brothers and sisters. That was a deliberate attack by the Zionists- US-Israili made ISI, well planned and executed by Indian RAW to evade the worldwide growing sympathy on muslims after the Christchurch attack and to have some unfair advantages in the upcoming Indian election.
    Isis are not muslims. They are deliberately made as the enemy of muslims. Anyone can wonder why Isis didn't drop even a chocolate bomb in it's most nearby neighbour Israel. All terrorists have been found trained in India before the attack.

  2. Islamic blood must flow. If 329 are killed Christians must target and kill atleast 3290 Muslims. Christians must attack Mecca and Madina and kill Muslims… retaliation is the only solution. Look at Israel. They really handle Saudi and Iran and fuck them both at the same time

  3. I urge all my Christian Jewish Hindu Buddhist Sikh Jain and atheist friends to keep minimum contact with Muslims. Never buy anything from a Muslim, never sell anything to a Muslim, never rent your house to a Muslim, never watch movies or tv serials with Muslim actors. Such small things can make a huge difference. Islam is a big menace. Muslims are a creating problems everywhere and the only solution is to put up a fight against Islam. Muslims only understand the language of Kalashnikov and retaliation is the only solution….

  4. Coward n Inhumane,,People must Realise that its the Sunni wahhabi sect of Islam which does all this,,In Shia Iran all Christian n Jews are very safe,But still Christian Countries like US and Trump who calls himself a devout Christian Supports Wahhabi Saudi Arabia who is behind the Terror Funding..
    May God send the Souls to Paradise

  5. Just hang on just a little while longer… Fight on just a little while longer… pray on just a little while longer.. Everything will be alright..
    Hang on tight brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we will go home soon to see the LORD. Until then, Hang on, fight on, keep the faith, and PRAY. Put on the Full armor of GOD at all times so that you can protect yourself against the schemes and temptations of the Devil.

  6. Still brain Raping for the unelected royals.Stealing just like history from the poor.Exploitation with Manufactured artificial schizophrenia frequencies for the Royal family.Evil for Royalty.Organised intrusion into a persons life for evil purposes and no challenge because your entertaining Prince Charles with your British and American torture stories of a worker in the UK.Using television to say" We royals know mental illness " obviously they do they are in loop about inflicting manufactured artificial schizophrenia frequencies in a British man for years.Ruining and stealing his human rights to life.

  7. Islam is the most violent religion in the world .So if you want to stay safe change your religion ….

    If they kill people in name of Islam how people from other religion love the people who follow Islam ????

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  9. I am a Palestinian Muslim and I ensured to the families of victims that all the Muslim renounced this criminal acts . And the one how did this criminal acts is not a Muslim and just wanted to ignite disorders
    Allah helps the families victims

  10. Hello as a Sri Lankan child I’m furious!!,knowing it was our horrifying government’s fault,sadness is upon all of us,I was getting ready for Easter Sunday when we heard about the bombs another. it is the 25 of April another warning has arrived saying in 24 hours a bomb large enough to wipe out a city if I’m not here tomorrow know I love you family and friends stay safe don’t worry about me 😓😢😞

  11. Fk these Muslim pricks trying to terrorise places of peace, I have no clue how they sleep at night due to the fact that they have no remorse of thinking about killing a lot of people and specially kids.

  12. Leftist Media are saying the far right are angry with the attacks making them very pleased with the attacks, the same people behind the attacks are behind the News Media and are also running the Great Replacement.

  13. Relief for Sri Lanka Bombing Victims
    we need your help! please visit and help us: https://goget.fund/2IEUxgW?fbclid=IwAR1lea3lo-IG8IgtDD1zMqUycscnBIXA_1cHg2VXsYVLuGbTO6TVEmu_G0E

    What Happened?
    On the 21st of April 2019, on Easter Sunday, while many gathered to celebrate the risen Lord, there were many targeted attacks on civilians who were celebrating Easter Sunday with their families and communities. This again created tension and unrest in the hearts and minds of all Sri Lankans while over 359 people lost their lives and over 500 were injured.

  14. Where is the protection for our churches Sidque Khan that you gave Mosques in the wake of Christchurch…we've heard nothing from you …you actions show your biased. Your not fit to be mayor of London.

  15. Hope some heroes will take revenge on muslim like the heroes in newzealand atk on mosques Allah takes pleasure in terror as muslim cried out Allah is great wahhabism must b out law

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