Staff slapped, made to crawl at Chinese appraisal meeting


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At a real estate company’s monthly appraisal meeting in central China’s Hubei province, employees were captured on video crawling around on all fours like dogs and getting slapped.


Date: October 26, 2019

42 thoughts on “Staff slapped, made to crawl at Chinese appraisal meeting

  1. it is not only china… many asian companies work environment is horrible… workers are just cheap machine to boss or supervisor.. HAHA that is why young asian wanna emigrate to western countries.. 🤫

  2. tsk tsk tsk tsk You Laowai understand nothing, this is "tchayneeees" culture, nothing bad there, just a different culture ! This is what chinese always say when they do something wrong, right ? Anyway as long as they only slap chinese and make chinese crawl I don't care, not my problem ! Their country, their problems as long as they don't come to mine, then everything is fine for me !

  3. Sofern die Bilder Realität sind,
    if the pictures are real,
    ist es interessant zu wissen, wie die Chinesen mit sich selbst umgehen
    it's for our interest to know, how the Cinese going on with themselfes
    Nicht mehr! Es ist nicht an uns, hier ein Urteil zu fällen.
    Not more. It's really not our time for take a judgment.

  4. They are not among humans I mean seriously, they are taking full advantage of a human who's struggling to earn the money. They know these humans would do anything to save their jobs. So they are making them work like dogs… Its such a inhumanity..

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