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Dr. John McDougall returns to the Lifestyle Magazine Show for the first time since his own spinoff show with the network. Dr. John McDougall was one of Lifestyle Magazine’s original co-hosts. His success and passion for making people well inspired them to produce three seasons of his own spin off show, John McDougall MD. In this 2021 interview, he updates the viewers on his more recent work on how the McDougall Program can save planet Earth.

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The McDougall Program is a leading medical program that uses dietary therapy to reverse disease and heal chronic illness.

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Date: September 11, 2021

35 thoughts on “Starch Diet to Save the Planet – Lifestyle Magazine Show

  1. Awesome video! I have reversed my blood pressure and lost 40lbs by eating this way! Feel better in my 40s than my 30s!! Cannot thank you enough! Your book the Starch Solution sat on my bookshelves for 10 years and finally decided to read last November! Since Jan 23 I have lost this weight and started my journey to health. Still got 16lbs to go but I know eating this way will help me! No more heart palpitations or blood pressure problem.
    I am sharing my journey on YT too for anyone interested in seeing how easy this way of life is 💚🥦🥔🌱💪

  2. It’s unfortunate, but I think talking about “saving earth” should be a separate video. I can’t show this to many people because as soon as Al Gore and climate change is brought up, they would likely dismiss it as them thinking of “ulterior motives”, and being politicized. The first half was exciting, so would like a version of this with the saving earth edited out. I’m a biologist, so understand the effects of thermal inertia on the planet, but many don’t (and won’t). Great info!

  3. Avoid processed food thats all to need stay healty. Starches from french fries, fried rice, corn flakes, in excess will make you sick too! And for heaven´s sake avoid sugar!

  4. Nothing new it's in the Bible! Read Daniel then the New Testament and Jesus will save YOU! He is a fine doctor and has helped me ! Thank you Dr McDougal!

  5. I love the idea of a drive-through MCDougall chain of restaurants. Try creating one and see how it goes. It will go viral with all your current followers and will attract many new followers. Wouldn't that be great! An easy way to eat healthful food with no dirty dishes to clean. It's actually easier to clean up after cooking a McDougall style meal as there are no greasy pans or plates when you sauté everything in veggie broth and no "greasy residue" lining your arteries. You will spread the message farther and faster this way! As it says in "The Pleasure Trap", people will choose the method that requires the least effort to get the desired results. Think about this idea for two weeks. Then run a test. (Do a cost/benefit analysis. <3 <3 <3 ). This can change the direction of the planet if it succeeds.

  6. Why isn't a plant based diet being promoted as a safety measure in case someone gets covid. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, blood clots, and so on are at the highest risk of covid complications but the starch based diets can improve all these conditions, sometimes within days. This information could save lives.

  7. I wish Dr. McDougall would wear his more colourful shirts for interviews. Dark colors look very severe on many older people. There are now many FAT Asians. The Fat Asians are eating oil filled, highly processed foods, soda pop/juic- like drinks, Western fast food (seen as a status symbol) and animal products. Asians who follow traditional Asian diets are very slim. I saw this living overseas in cities in Asian countries.

  8. Good morning!! I am a huge fan of Dr. MacDougal! I am a foodie restaurateur in South Africa on the Garden route.
    I am 64 years old and have lost my Restaurant due to Covid-19.
    Due to more time and care for myself!
    Dr. Mac made sense to me and have been following the Whole food plant based way of life and just loving it! I have become so motivated and love cooking and creating new dishes and feeling great and have lost the weight I've been trying to loose !!
    I see most foods that are used in the Mary kitchen and recipes are "American foods "and supplies which would be obvious but would be great if we at the bottom of the African continent where referred to and our food which is wonderful and full of sunshine!!!
    Love this man and his straight forward! Approach " do it or don't"
    Great stuff!!:
    Thank you!!

  9. Thank you Dr. McDougall you’ve changed my life I am now vegan and feeling healthier than I’ve ever felt in my whole entire life 35 and looking forward to the rest of my healthy life because of you thank you so much from the bottom of my heart thank you

  10. On McDougall diet the brain fog, stress & weight is down! Feel so much better already. Had whole grain pasta w vegan "cheese" sauce made w potatoes. Thanks Dr Mc D💕🌈 This doctor actually cares and is so committed!!

  11. I love, love, love this great man who has been decades ahead of his time. He will be looked back on as a great prophet. I’m listening, Dr. McDougall.

  12. Personal responsibility is what is required: food, not wasting, recycle, avoid plastic, public transport and on and on. Don't consume to excess.

  13. We call Dr. McDougall the man of truth, I have interviewed this wonderful human many times and honoured to have his as one of our advisory board members of our Human Ecology Project. Dr. John McDougall rocks, we owe him much.

  14. Some parts of the planet are going up in flames and other parts are drowning in floods. Meanwhile meat eaters are stuffing their faces with pills to treat all their sickness caused from eating meat and dairy. And what is the definition of insanity? Listen to this man. He speaks the truth and that’s something hard to find these days.

  15. I’ve been vegan for 28 years but following a “McDougall style” diet for the past 10 years and have found this to be the optimal way to eat. I add maybe a bit more fruit than what he suggests but other than that, it’s focused around starches without oils. Thanks for having him on the show.

  16. I committed to Starch Solution for six months because I have a checkup in January. I’ve only been following his plan for three weeks and I’ve already lost 10 lbs. I eat everything I want. My running has improved. My energy is off the charts. I love this man!

  17. A chain of McDougall restaurants is needed. Drive through nutrition. If you build it they will come! Thank you for your work Dr. McDougall!

  18. The effects of a starch-based world would be immense. A single and simple solution to remedy multiple giant problems. It should be a no-brainer. It should have more resonance than it does. One thing the internet age has taught me is that popularity is no barometer for common sense. In an ideal world this channel should be at 15M subscribers. 1.5M at the bare least.

  19. Dr. McDougall saved my life with his sage advice, even tho we've never met! Alls local doctors ever did was dole out ineffective and often dangerous pills and procedures to treat a myriad of symptoms. They had no clue all the symptoms were just different manifestations of the same cause, nor had any nutritional knowledge to counter it!

  20. I'm very happy to hear you once again! I'm still on the program and strength train to look healthy for the image of the food program and myself.

  21. Damn, John! You look good for 70’s. The face is a dead give away that John is healthy and thriving. I’m tired of other people giving advice about health when their 2nd neck is showing, cheeks are plump, and the face has major wrinkles. Healthy does have a specific look, and John, you got that look!

  22. Dr. McDougall is my hero!!! He changed my life with his permission to eat starch!!! Changing our ways from eating meat to eating starch is the only way to save the world!!!🌱❤️🌱

  23. Heathy Vegans multiplying exponentially as demonstrated by all successful populations of the world is unsustainable. It’s the people not the food. Sustainability is carried out by eliminating the primary factor in the carbon footprint. “It’s the people “.

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