Statue of Robert E Lee removed in Virginia, US as crowds cheer – BBC News


An imposing statue of an American Confederate general in Richmond, Virginia, has been taken down.

Governor Ralph Northam announced it would be removed amid national protests after the death of George Floyd, calling the statue “a monument to the Confederate insurrection”.

The statue became a focal point for this activism and crowds cheered as a crane removed it on Wednesday.

Memorials to leaders of the pro-slavery, Confederate states – whose capital was Richmond – have long stirred controversy.

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Date: September 11, 2021

21 thoughts on “Statue of Robert E Lee removed in Virginia, US as crowds cheer – BBC News

  1. Another act of a Zionist mob erasing of someone's history and culture. And a bunch of ignorants cheering on the side-lines. So sad……

  2. I was looking for the General Lee from the Duke of Hazzard and I got this

    Hope they don't remove also the TV show at this point…

  3. And then they are gonna put a statue or Floyd, if they do, they should put statue of Floyd that is aming in pregnant women.

  4. Like I’m against slavery but destroying historical monuments ain’t the move, it’s still part of our history and we shouldnt just try to erase it. It should be put in a museum.

  5. I have a suspecting feeling that some conservatives in the comment section have not heard about museums or history books…

  6. They should’ve left the horse statue in place, with the placard: “This horse put up with a LOT of shit between 1860 and 1865”

  7. wonder how much they sold that for? that thing is priceless. if the south would have won we would have had it made!!! raise hell praise dale

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