Steve Coogan and Toby Young debate the Daily Mail (Channel 4 News, 27.2.14)


27 thoughts on “Steve Coogan and Toby Young debate the Daily Mail (Channel 4 News, 27.2.14)

  1. Loved that end bit “ending child poverty by 2020” the year that Marcus Rashford did more for starving kids than the government.

  2. Can’t abide Coogan, but he is spot on about the DM pics. Most papers have done this for years. How can we get a fruity girl on the front page? If you believe the press no males passed any exams between 1980 and present.

  3. Daily Mail article written by Lord Rothermere was titled "Hurrah For The Blackshirts" 1930s. Lets not forget that too quickly…

  4. The Daily Mail is a Vampiric Squid on the Face of The British People.If i found Toby Young in the same pub ,i would leave immmediately.

  5. Toadman "..its spurioous to link these two now", 20 seconds after using the anti-Hitler defence from 1930 to defend the Mail

  6. Toby young is a ghastly little turd of a man. The sort of person that if you accidently touched him, you would feel the urge to cleanse that part of your body, by scrubbing with wire wool and soap till red .

  7. Toby Young really is a vile turd. Why do they put him on the TV? The only time I'd like to see him on the news is in a short "and finally" obituary piece.

  8. At least we have moved forward – chips are now wrapped in plain paper and not xenophobic, hysterical pro fascist garbage like the Daily Mail and the Express.

  9. Not only are Labour anti-Semitic but now it seems they lobbied for the rights of paedophiles! So Steve Coogan is either a jew hating nonce or he's pissed because Labour has been exposed, again, as being a wretched circle jerk of lying, hypocritical twats. Had to laugh at his fatuous attack on the Mail in a vain and desperate attempt to deflect the truth by dredging up redundant trivia from the past. Toby didn't have to say much at all, really. The damage had already been done.

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