Steve Hansen reveals emotional phone call to wife after defeat


England produced a superb performance to beat the pre-tournament favourites 19-7 to reach the final for the first time since 2007, and Hansen was emotional as he reflected on the crushing defeat. The Kiwi boss had to take a sip of water to compose himself as he relayed how he spoke to his family after the loss. ‘I rang my wife,’ he said, holding back tears. I then talked to Sir Graham Henry and Conrad Smith about 2007 and we mentioned the fact it’s no different, the same gutting feeling.’

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Date: November 15, 2019

28 thoughts on “Steve Hansen reveals emotional phone call to wife after defeat

  1. legend ol hansen…..set the standard for years…poms played well deserved too win…………..but as we do as kiwis took on the chin humble in defeat………….we will be back every nation knows this LOL…….well done th boks our brothaz…well done

  2. No wonder the all blacks are the best team ever they do their country proud, passion, belief, hard work,humble in defeat. What's not to like long will they reign last in rugby. I know south Africa won this time but new Zealand have a special place in rugby beyond world cups.

  3. What they are doing is giving it to a big bloke and bang , simplistic way of playing. what you mean the way the all blacks were doing it for years with mr lumo. Fkin hyporcrit! Guys a gob shyt, he’s all humble now , well he’s not got much choice as his ass was handed to him on a plate. We normally see the big headed arrogant fk who thinks he and the all blacks have a right to win everything. What a wanker , and good riddance!



    Andrew Mehrtens makes use of his majestic kicking game vs Brumbies 1999

    The ALL Blacks may have won with a plan B Based on the type of game Andrew Mehrtens played. He would have nullified the rush tactics of the English with long raking precision kicking to the corners. Kept them in their own half and kicked penalties all day. Wars and Games are won by stategym. The AB's were too predictable. I hope the new coaches will learn from history to remain dominant and be smart enough to win the next World Cup. https://youtu.be/m0R1WAwiSZo

  5. I predicted that the All Blacks would lose many months ago. They got fat & complacent(coaching staff) & this will cost at a level like this! England are hungrier! The Will To Win Seemed Missing this time around!
    I also thought that they would lose by at least this margin. Complacency will cost every time & "resting on your laurels".
    Still good for the game to have another team at the top! They will be there for a LONG TIME to COME I believe!

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