Suhel Seth demolishes UK MP Lord Popat's arguments on Britain's COVID travel rules


Suhel Seth demolishes UK MP Lord Popat’s arguments on Britain’s COVID travel rules

#UKVaccineRacism #COVIDNorms #RepublicTV

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Date: September 29, 2021

50 thoughts on “Suhel Seth demolishes UK MP Lord Popat's arguments on Britain's COVID travel rules

  1. Poptat should ask his British masters to repay/return trillions of dollars the queen and her colleagues have looted pre independence from his mother land India. Not defend looters who gave him title of Lord which doesn't have any value in India. Shame on such NRI's.

  2. Dolar Popat, Baron Popat is a Ugandan-British accountant, businessman and Conservative life peer in the House of Lords.

  3. Ironic to criticise 'revenue optimisation' when that's the basic mantra of Indias national sport or was Covid really the reason for the cancellation of the Manchester Test

  4. Make in India products as Covaxin by Talib is not recognized elsewhere… Remove the photo of 56 in the certificate which is not accepted globally…

  5. I remember watching this live. Lord Popat got so violated, he had to act like his internet connection was weak and couldn't respond to Suhel

  6. Suhel sheth.. I live in UK.. UK has opened up student visa for indians.. for young people to come & work.. 90% students are working 60/70 hours.. when do they study.. The UK immigration knows that.. still they use to turn blind eye.. Suhel after your rant the UK authorities are very strict on students arriving to UK after this TV show

  7. It pure rascism and a way to put into a situation where countries who have got vaccination from india stop taking it. Basically made India suffer economically.
    Popat from Gandhi gang ??

  8. UK is racist country and the Royal family says we are not racist.
    Racist policy against India's vaccination then why is Adaar Poonawala opening another SII in UK only for money making

  9. These Popats, and many other frauds not only from India but from all over the world who have taken refuge in UK with their crime money bags are and always have been stooge of British.The British and White US Pharma companies had thought they will make dollar/pound of their generation through corona as their forefathers had done by slavery from the poor of world are cursing India as it has turned global Pharma hub and boon for poor of the world.

  10. The Indians dont understand the basic logic about the vaccines and certificates which could pose a great danger to the public where the government has spent billions of pounds to protect its citizens. Rumours about water vaccines being sold and fake test certificates being dished out in millions does'nt help. The Indian mentality is such they just want to jump to conclusions without knowing the ramifications. Like the Jay Shanker n his team from the cabinet exporting covid to the Uk, the Indian cricket team bringing delta greetings and these are high profile cases. Imagine the middle class must be bringing loads of delta greetings. And the case of 150 Australian Indians all going to Australia on a special flight with negative tests n certificates. Then yoo half of them failed on the spot tests. Imagine so many people exporting the delta greetings which would be a nightmare. So just dont think of yourself think of others too. This not about racism or vaccine from Astrazanica ladies and gentleman.

  11. ‪Here on this platform I am challenging you in presence of @republic that There are lots of corruption in India about issuing fake certificates of vaccination and negative PCR test ‬

  12. Is it about the racism or corruption in India about issuing vaccination certificate and PCR test fake result certificate? Anyone dares to speak about it ? I can give proof about it ? Please look into urself before blaming UK

  13. ये. बातो. से. बेस्ट. सुप्रीम. मे. ये. आजकी. दुनिया. मे. 47..वाले.. खेल. चले. बिजनेस
    के. लिया. आकार. खेल के लिए. वो. UK
    चलना. नहीं. Rista. बराबरी का दर्जा. बराबरी
    का. भीख. नहीं मांगता. भारत

  14. भारत. के. राजाओ. के. समान. कोहिनूर. किसने
    बेचा. ब्रिटेन. के.म्यूजियम में. राजाओ. की. सोने के. मुकुट. Talvars. ड्रेस. वहा. केसे

  15. जो. भारत. का. नहीं. भारत. उसका. नहीं. सुपर
    बातो. से. नहीं. 47..Gaya.

  16. Britishers are still living under their hangover of supremacy. Even if we dint take the UK made vaccine and have taken the Indian made vaccine like, we should be accepted in the vaccinated list like other nations. Time will teach these britishers a touch lesson.

  17. I like the Conservative Party but unfortunately, on this matter the UK is plainly wrong and Lord Popat has to defend his government.

  18. I agree 100% with Suhel Seth. Double-vaccinated and coming for a 5-day visit to the UK from France at the beginning of September to visit elderly relatives cost a fortune – a total rip-off! It was particularly annoying to see the general population behaving as though covid-19 didn't exist when I was being so closely monitored! My day-2 test results arrived after my return to France and so didn't even implicate Britain.
    I'm livid with the UK's unfair 'management' of covid travel rules. Another gripe: I was amazed to see that for a long time the UK government's travel requirement site used the wording 'uk-vaccinated' as if the world in general was using inferior types of vaccination products ! So arrogant – so British! This wording has since been changed.

  19. Oh Suhail mr Popat alongwith many rich Indians must have bought his “Lord” for money as it clearly shows his ignorance on the topic which is being raised n discussed. They may have bought the title “Lord” doesn’t mean they have a wisdom:):) And by the way I never heard Lord Popat speak in the parliament….which I often watch….well said Suhail, I wish Abhijit would be there too…..

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