Survival in the Amazon Rainforest


Really useful in my own geography lessons, this is a great educational video (with some superb acting!) to explain to students the challenges faced in trying to survive in the Amazon Rainforest through the use of two different case studies.


Date: June 11, 2020

22 thoughts on “Survival in the Amazon Rainforest

  1. 90% of the commenters aren't even listening to the narration.
    "What's she doing there?" Her mother picked her up and was taking her back to the jungle. Where her father is waiting. Because they're both zoologists.
    "How does she know any of this?" Because her parents are zoologists and she LIVED in the jungle for lenghts of time.

    Also, all the damn survival experts. She survived. She doesn't need your damn help.

  2. I also have seen the movie 40 years go. This is soooo scary if you know anything about the forest! One can get by on water alone for a long time. One thing to remember, always. If your number is not up, no harm will come to you, don't worry. If your number is up, there's nothing to worry about, it is over. Malaria is acquired from INFECTED mosquitos, which are not found in uninhabited areas. Mud slathering oneself prevents flyes and other insects from penetrating the skin. Survival courses make zero difference. One doesn't fall out of a plane or becomes lost fully equipped with knife, matches, maps. Common sense and perseverance will save the day.

  3. The resilience of the Human Being when forced into a situation of survival is always a remarkable story. We walk around doing our daily business never a thought of being in a situation such as this. Always a fascinating tale.

  4. The jungle is neutral …… a book 📚 with reading …… on a side note Mother Nature is a stupid expression….. there is nothing remotely maternal about nature

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