Surviving A Wild Cougar Attack | Human Prey S1 EP5 | Wonder


When a wild predator feels provoked or is on the hunt, there are few things that will stop it on its quest for a kill. In this episode of Human Prey, we meet the survivors of dangerous wolf and cougar attacks and find out what it’s like to come face to face with a dangerous animal on the hunt.

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Human Prey follows the tales of extreme animals attacks and meets the individuals who witness first hand the true danger of the animal kingdom.

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Date: May 6, 2020

38 thoughts on “Surviving A Wild Cougar Attack | Human Prey S1 EP5 | Wonder

  1. "Surviving a Wild Cougar attack" ? Yeah, when I was in college i was at this hotel and this woman she was about 53 kept staring at me and flirting with me and…… Ahhh never mind.

  2. Good, I'm glad they blasted that wolf ! Next time you camp, bring your vehicle and add a skykamper on the roof of your vehicle so your above ground and bring your gun just incase you have to blast those vicious bastards.

  3. I have a toddler ….. i cannot imagine having her out there without any protection no matter if it’s a gun , pepper spray . Stun gun ….. you have children in a place with wild animals they’re wild and if there’s no food they’re gonna do what they have to do …..

  4. Why do they always say, "razor sharp teeth?" They showed the teeth of the cougar and they were smooth with no points on them. Not even sharp, let alone razor sharp.

  5. I came close to a coyote before. I was outside with my family around a little campfire in my backyard and he was roughly 30 to 40 feet away in the open sniffing around my neighbor’s fence. He didn’t seem interested in us and we kept an eye on him but resumed sitting around the fire. We just thought it was something that we don’t see every day. It was like “oh look, there’s a coyote, how neat”. We gave it it’s space and it left us alone.

  6. Parents both a very wrong decision for their kids….
    Sleeping in the forest?! while they knows already that's not safe!!!
    We parents before we make a decision,we need to think first the safety of our childrens😡

  7. My brother's cat heard the wolf squeaking at the beginning of this vid (when the bear grabbed him) and got so concerned I had to show him it was a video.

    Also, he bullies my dogs lol

  8. Why people are risking their and kids
    Life, like this kind of forest area there were sleeping out with out any protection parents have to be punished then only other will not follow the same

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