Sydney man arrested for swearing at police


A Sydney man is fighting an offensive language conviction, arguing police shouldn’t have stopped him in the first place. The arresting police officer told the man, who was walking along a road in daylight, he was being stopped because he was acting suspiciously in an area known for break-and-enters

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Date: January 11, 2020

26 thoughts on “Sydney man arrested for swearing at police

  1. NSW Police, state enforcement officers forcing everyone back to 1950, no freedom, it's a nightmare, you NEVER meet nice cops, ever. They can't be trusted.

  2. The title of this video is misleading. The suspect was arrested for resisting the police attempts to conduct a search on him, and generally being uncooperative despite multiple warnings. Actually, I think this police officer communicated pretty well and was courteous. He might have used some profanity but not in a hostile manner compared to the suspect. The officer also took time to explain why he was suspicious which I think is laudable.

  3. Why are people so dumb. Why would this guy have a camera recording over the top of a hoody?? he is obviously unsettled or has a mental health problem. which unfortunately could also mean a track record of crime. thats why police do their job. this short window of these incident could have resulted in this person getting the help that they needed.

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