Sydney rains: Record rainfall brings flooding but puts out mega-blaze – BBC News


Sydney has been hit by its heaviest rain in 30 years, bringing widespread flooding but also putting out two massive bushfires in New South Wales.

Australia’s weather agency said 391.6mm of rain had fallen in the past four days in Sydney, more than three times the average rainfall for February.

About 100,000 homes are without power, and officials have warned flash floods could be life-threatening.

But the rainfall means only 17 fires are still burning across the state.

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Date: February 20, 2020

41 thoughts on “Sydney rains: Record rainfall brings flooding but puts out mega-blaze – BBC News

  1. Fire, floods; what next; death of the first born? plague of boils? Don't piss off God by having the massive filth festival call sydney pride and by punishing people what speak up against sodomy. These are just warnings, don't temp the Almighty!

  2. Sorry using the word destroyed, is just BS! The bush in Australia dosent get destroyed as it needs fires to make it regenerate, so it’s just a normal part of the bush’s circle of growth!! Stop using inflammatory wording because it never gets destroyed by fire , ever it grows back better after a fire???

  3. In other words, normal weather is continuing in Australia despite all your sensationalism and fear mongering, BBC.

    Your existence relies on a tax imposed on anyone with a TV set capable of receiving your biased news.

    Everyone should stop paying this "license" fee NOW .

    By the way, why is the image of Australia at the beginning is this item coloured RED? Are you implying – subliminally – that the whole country is on fire? You are disgusting liars, BBC.

  4. there's so much we as people can do like build lakes and diversions to detour these waters into these lakes i'm sure someone know a that these waters go down hill and then the water goes into a river area so then make changes for a maybe the water is really going to be a lot so we should fix the landscape to adjust for these overflow areas so that's done,now to build a pipe line after the water went into a lake to start sucking it to a state that needs it the pipeline would go across the u.s. and who ever needed it famers or a lake that went dry or a fire that needs to be put out these are some things we need to implement to other states to make this happen.. then using the water to send over the rockies to states that need the water to put out fires fill up lakes give water to nevada fill lake powell to the rim create jobs by building these lakes and the pipeline to push the water to the rockies after it gets over the rockies it's like down hill and it will help with the draining of waters that are drowning these other towns just a thought only you can put out forest fires

  5. Aussie is such a crap hole. It's always either baking hot, in drought, and on fire, or it's flooded. The biggest cause of the problem are greedy corporate farmers and mining cos. Both mostly owned by China. They suck the rivers and water aquifers dry for their unsustainable and destructive businesses. It dries out the ground and the trees die off in Summer. The whole countryside becomes one big pile of kindling just set to burn.

  6. Mother Nature being mother. When mother have enough of children mischievous, Mother usually pick a child and give him lesson so that other children learn lesson seeing him.
    This time Mother Nature pick Australia to give us lesson who is superior human or nature

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