On 26 April, the Council of Agriculture’s (COA) Agriculture and Food Agency Director-General Hu Jong-i and EU Community Plant Variety Office President Martin Ekvad presented the pact on mutual recognition of examination results for variety protection of Phalaenopsis and Doritaenopsis, or butterfly orchids. 

The COA stated that the agreement eliminates the need to carry out examinations at the origin and destination. The arrangement is also a strong vote of confidence in Taiwan’s orchid industry and will encourage more local growers to seek variety protection in the EU.

Taiwan provides seedlings to 80-plus countries and territories annually, and in 2018 exported 73.93 million strands of butterfly orchids worth US$150 million.

The EU is the world’s No.1 orchid market, importing 20 million strands from Taiwan in 2018 alone.

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