Taliban claim to have taken Panjshir Valley – BBC News


The Taliban have declared victory over the province of Panjshir northeast of the capital Kabul, the final pocket of territory which has remained outside their rule.

The group posted footage online of their fighters raising their flag there on Monday.

Resistance fighters however said they were still present in “all strategic positions” and “continue to fight”.
Their leader has called for a “national uprising” against the Taliban.

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Date: September 30, 2021

35 thoughts on “Taliban claim to have taken Panjshir Valley – BBC News

  1. اسلام میں پورے نظام کی اساس اللہ جل شانہ کی حاکمیت " حکم اللہ " پر ہے ۔ اس میں غیر اللہ کی حاکمیت کے لیے کوئی جگہ نہیں ہے ۔

    پوری دنیا کو یہ بات اچھی طرح سمجھ لینی چاہیے ۔ اس لیے اسلامی قوانین کے خلاف
    جو بھی معاہدے اور عالمی قوانین ہیں ان کو رد کردیا جائے گا ۔
    ملا ہبہ اللہ کا یہ اعلان بالکل درست ہے اور اس کا کوئی غلط مطلب نہیں نکالنا چاہیے ۔ علامہ اقبال رحمہ نے اسی لیے کہا تھا کہ :
    بادشاہوں کی نہیں اللہ کی ہے یہ زمین

    اللہ کے رسول محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے کبھی اپنی طرف سے کوئی قانون نہیں بنایا
    آپ(ص) نے ہمیشہ " حکم اللہ " کو نافذ کیا
    طالبان کو کوئی حق نہیں ہے کہ وہ اقوم متحدہ یا اس کے کسی بھی ادارے کے بنائے ہوئے قوانین کو مسلمانوں پر نافذ کریں ۔

    اسی حقیقت کے پیش نظر ملا ہبہ اللہ نے یہ اعلان کیا ہے جو بہت ضروری تھا فجزاہ اللہ احسن الجزاء ۔

    افغير حكم الله يبغون و له اسلم من في السموات و الأرض ..
    کیا وہ اللہ کے حکم کے علاوہ غیر اللہ کی حاکمیت چاہتے ہیں، جبکہ کائنات کی ہر شئ
    اس کی تابع و فرمآن بردار ہے ۔

    اس لیے " حکم اللہ " کے خلاف قوانین سازی کے لیے کوئی گنجائش نہیں ہے ۔ اسی میں عالم انسانیت کی بھلائی اور خیر ہے ۔

    غیر اللہ کے حکم کے لیے اسلام میں کوئی گنجائش نہیں ہے ۔ یہ بات اقوام متحدہ اور اس کے دیگر اداروں کو سمجھ لینی چاہیے ۔

    ڈاکٹر محمد لئیق ندوی قاسمی

  2. The poor Afghan people live in a miserable corner of the world. After 20 years of aggressive war and destruction, the participating countries must be responsible and compensate the Afghan people with trillions of dollars.

  3. lol the american victory will be a cultural one. since the taliban want to advertise a cuddly friendly taliban, the US just needs to drop several thousand soldiers and engineers and have disney buy land for a "Disney Universe" or something. They'll have to scream internally while taking their money and watch their culture effectively be appropriated to oblivion by starbucks moms.

  4. Bring me a better way of life i will join you, but remember i bring you the truth.
    One Question, Where are you going ? when something continues to happen for more than one generation, the new generation considers the norm and they start thinking this is how its supposed to be, this is why Islam is teaching you, to question your faith, when you know that there is something wrong here, you feel there is something wrong, you question it in order to find the answer that is correct, this is how people come on the right path So dont be afraid Islam has the answers.

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  5. PAKISTAN – Used 16 Attack Helcopters and Fighter planes to kill the Brave Panshir Valley, Fighters – PAK supporting
    Taliban Butchers. Biden knew, and did nothing.

  6. It is simply unrealistic to expect Ahmed Massoud, Northern Alliance to hold Pansjhir valley or beat the Taliban… If the Taliban screw things up badly in the next 20 years – then may be there is a slim chance of Massoud

  7. Hope to see western media one day make documentaries about:
    1. Nuking Hiroshima
    2. Nuking Nagasaki
    3. Forcing Columbia to cede Panama, and call Panama canal US owned.
    4. Bombing Qaddafi home and killing his daughter
    5. Funding militants to kill Qaddafi.
    6. Funding militants to kill Assad in Syria.
    7. Depose Iranian PM Musaadeh in 1950’s only because he wanted Iran to nationalise it’s oil .
    8. Funding countless coup and funding dictators in South America.
    9. Killing one million Iraqis in the Iraq occupation.
    10. Leaving Afghans all on their own after they won a war for the US and defeated it’s arch rival USSR, just so they can fragment and kill each other in a civil war.
    11. Bombing and killing 75 thousand Pakistanis in drone strikes.
    12. Bombing and killing hundreds of thousands in drone strikes in Yemen.
    13. Lastly some light on the ethnic cleansing of the whole population of native Americans

  8. Yeah didn't show the world who aided and abetted in the take over of panchir by vicious drone attack. BBC you're love for Pakistan is at all time high!!! Stop journalism and start preaching.

  9. It is already impossible for the US to contain China's economic development. The United States chose to contain China's economic development, that is totally wrong! It was very stupid! Because China's rise is inevitable! If China is not the largest economy in 10 years, it will be in 15 years at the latest. At that time, the United States was the second largest economy in the world. If the US had not curbed India's economic development, in another 20 years, after 2050, India's total economy would have surpassed that of the US, and India would have become the second largest economy in the world, while the US would have become the third largest economy in the world. When the United States from the largest economy to the second largest economy, many countries will still listen to the United States, but when the United States from the second largest economy to the third largest economy, then, how many countries will listen to the United States? Therefore, the right thing for us to do is to contain India's economic development, not China's! When India's GDP exceeds $6 trillion, or its per capita GDP exceeds $5,000, India's economy will show explosive growth, and so will its science and technology and military. It will take less than 10 years. If the US had not contain India's economic, technological and military development before then, Then India's economic, technological and military development would have exploded in 10 years! In 10 years, when India's total GDP exceeds $6 trillion, or when India's per capita GDP exceeds $5000, the US will not be able to contain India's economic development! In another 20 years, India will surpass US in GDP! In the United States, there are People of Indian descent in high government offices, in Silicon Valley technology companies, in universities, in the financial elite on Wall Street. Indians are also good at English, computer programming, intelligence gathering and controlling the US by controlling the Indian Ocean.

  10. Panjshir always will be independent. Russia was in panjshir for 13 years and they couldn't control it. And we have right to be in contery involvement at %50

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