Taliban kill civilians in Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan – BBC News


The BBC has found that at least 20 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley, which has seen fighting between the Taliban and opposition forces.

Communications have been cut in the valley, making reporting difficult, but the BBC has evidence of Taliban killings.

Footage from a dusty roadside in Panjshir shows a man wearing military gear surrounded by Taliban fighters.

Gunfire rings out and he slumps to the ground.

It is not clear if the man killed was an army member – combat uniforms are common in the region. In the video a bystander insisted he was a civilian.

The BBC has established there have been at least 20 such deaths in Panjshir.

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Date: September 28, 2021

40 thoughts on “Taliban kill civilians in Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan – BBC News

  1. BBC and its propaganda. Evidence should not include militarily warriors as they are not civilians. Just like lies lies in Syria about chemical weapons, here you are at it once again. You have been showing the resistemce preparing for war in the few weeks. It goes without saying that there would have been casualties like those you don't show in Palestine

  2. The talibans are very wicked people, they’ve destroyed a lot of things here in Afghanistan 🇦🇫, they deprive us from our rights, chase us out from our homes and take over our businesses all in the name of sharia they kill when they want to, that's inhuman because nobody has the power to take life, now all my stock investments are gone 😭, please world we need help.
    Can someone pIease tell me more about crypto trading, I heard people earn a lot from it, I want to leave Afghanistan 🇦🇫 but I don't have enough money 😭

  3. BBC british bullshitting company always gets it wrong 20 people is nothing compared to the thousands the western imperialists killed when they invaded and are still killing children from drone attacks

  4. Hilarious that we can invade and slaughter countless civilians through drone strikes and installing a criminal government and you are all tight lipped but quite open about showing what the Taliban are doing. And you wonder why most of us know you are all full of rubbish.

  5. Yet again the western world has encouraged people to resist a brutal regime with the promise of support. the people of the northern alliance have been at war with the encouragement of the west and now have been left to be murdered by the Taliban the western powers should be ashamed of themselves

  6. I had 3 yrs in Afghan, now that we are out… Now China has moved in on the 1 Sept. How funny Joe would not change the date, even that Germany & France was asking Biden to change his date… He said no, WHY? Now why did we not blow all the Weapons & Equpment??? The Army was told not to, the call came down from the White House. Now we know it was part of Joe Biden's deal with the Taliban. Why did we move the Military out first??? So the Taliban can move in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGSrFoD5d_I All the is on Joe Biden. And why is the Gen. llying? He is lying to cover "Joe Biden's" ASS! No one can give that order to a civilian target… Only "POTUS" can, and we in the military know that. Stop Lying! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atk3dDMIvNwown

  7. Wrong translation after the man was shot the other Guy said look I am not in the military look. 'Man nezami neshtom' he says

  8. Afghanistan is going back to dark ages and the world especially USA did not enough to prevent that… they lost the war!

  9. Sizin ülkeniz katil ve hırsız bir ülkedir ortadoğuda milyonlarca insanı kadın ve çocuk demeden öldürdü yer altı kaynaklarını servetlerini sömürdü bunu demokrari maskesi aitında yaptı bunu trump da kabul etti

  10. We are not showing u hhhh let the propaganda of BBC start hhhhhhhh do you think we stupid or leaving in the 19century

  11. What about the killing of innocents by the US in the last days of withdrawal and many more killed by Australian forces.A thorough investigation needed for their activities during the last two decades

  12. This is what they wanted??!! Foreign military gone and they got Taliban militia now, soooo deal with it….Shows the tremendous weakness of the previous government and military if you even want to call it that 🤔.

  13. They refused to stop fighting. Taliban asked them numerous times to negotiate but panjshir kept insisting they wanted to fight as well as making irrational demands. Show me the evidence the people being killed were civilians. The man in the military clothes was most likely a soldier trying to kill them. Please stop spreading lies like you did to lockdown people in their homes for a year and a half. Cut the bullshit.

  14. These are not civillains but jihadis who were fighting the Taliban. So how do they expect not to be killed ? BBC chatting sh** again.

  15. Screw u Boris and Biden how could u let these ppl die. You will see what u lot have created now and in 10 years there will be no food left at all aid won't be able to get in everyone will die of starvation and the ones who do survive I think will join the taliban or another group and hate the western world.

  16. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
    ((Islam is political first))
    Islam is Not just a religion100%

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