Taliban rejects calls for ceasefire in Afghanistan – BBC News


The Taliban have been making major advances across Afghanistan as foreign troops withdraw, taking at least five regional capitals since Friday.
In their most significant gain, the Taliban are now reported to have overrun the northern city of Kunduz.

The city of 270,000 people is considered a gateway to mineral-rich northern provinces.
It is in a strategically important location close to the border with Tajikistan, which is used for the smuggling of opium and heroin.

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Date: September 15, 2021

21 thoughts on “Taliban rejects calls for ceasefire in Afghanistan – BBC News

  1. Taliban was probably inside the many cities and waiting until the time is right. Taking the opportunity of pandemic and pulling out of USA troops.

  2. I am seeing that most of the people are now thinking about humanity but I want to say them that were they blind whe Israel was killing innocent people and talking their land,

  3. Pakistan is being made scapegoat for the humiliating failure on part the strongest of military mights have failed. This is one of the paid propaganda of the losers

  4. This is what leftist activists get. They all wanted an end to such inhumanity. Blah blah blah ok have it your way hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

  5. U failed with Gun powder now media war…. hypocrites..
    USSR puppets Stay for 2 years , NATO puppets stays not more than 3 months😎…
    Our soil , our culture , our ISLAMIC RULE we don't need any green eyed american in Afghanistan.

  6. Taliban can either lie to the peace treaty or do something bad toward the government. But for me I would send in the cartel squad to execute their family if they ever lie to me again.

  7. Taliban rejects calls for ceasefire in Afghanistan
    Great Britain rejects calls for ceasefire in Falklands
    Nazi Germany rejects calls for ceasefire in France
    Sargon of Akkad no want stop throw rock at barbarian

    What made anyone think that they would stop while they're ahead?

  8. Biden will pull out 100%
    Afghanistan has fallen.
    Biden policies have weakened the us
    And Mujahideen is already coming through the southern border.
    Liberals always fail.

  9. The former Ambassador body language does not look like ambassador. He indirectly accepted that Pakistan defeated world super power and his Allies.

  10. Why does anyone actually watches this media outlet? Most funny thing is when British talk about the sovereignty of other countries.

  11. Very sad to see the dead and injured.
    That’s exactly what BBC’s masters NATO did and more, in Afghanistan AND Iraq for the past 20 years without showing such graphic videos. This is what was done in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan1, Iraq1, Iraq2, Afghanistan2. NOW YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND A SACRIFICIAL GOAT TO BLAME FOR YOUR HISTORICAL BLUNDERS. Shame on all of you.

  12. The Taliban never had the military strength to oust the US, so their strategy was always to wait us out. And lo and behold, Kabul will fall shortly and Afghanistan can go back to being it's old no women driving, no education for girls, blasphemy stoning, two paved roads, heroin producing, third world country self. 20 years later, 4,000 allied troop deaths and over 120,000 Afghan troop and civilian deaths and Afghanistan is once again living in the 7th century AD. Smh

  13. The taliban will win in the short term but not in the long term. The fighters will get old some day, and future generations know that they will have a better quality of life without their ideology.

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