Taliban seize Afghan military equipment – BBC News


The Taliban seized tens of millions of dollars-worth of military aircraft, tanks, and artillery from the Afghan military when it abandoned its post – including Black Hawk helicopters.

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Date: September 14, 2021

33 thoughts on “Taliban seize Afghan military equipment – BBC News

  1. Graveyard of empire's. US now lost their political, economical and military standing. Soon it will descend into chaos oh wait already started with the BLM riots.

    Meanwhile China gathering more forces and the pressure on Taiwan deepening.

  2. Don’t those Blackhawks, A-29’s, drones, etc have built in kill switches? At least they’ve got to have some kind of sophisticated GPS tracking in them…Worst Military blunder in modern times❗️🤮. I cannot believe that our Department of Defense “leader’s” say that they have no IDEA 🤷 how much military equipment was left behind! #Pathetic #Embarrassing #WhosInCharge. You cannot fight an enemy for 20+ years, then 1 week later basically call them a US ALLIE! Or even have “talks” with them? Like President Trump said “1st, get all Americans and our allies OUT, then get all US Military equipment, then Bomb all the bases that we occupied so that the Taliban can’t use them as strongholds (Bagram for example!) Biden already has 13 soldiers blood on his hands! God bless those families and the 200+ civilians🙏.

  3. No human should ever accept occupiers in-fact, occupied territory should become the biggest cemetery for the occupiers. Long live the freedom fighters who ever you are..

  4. USA kidnapped Meng WanZhou of HuaWei on Dec. 2018 in order to obtain a large ransom and 5G technology! Now she is still being held as a hostage in Canada. All the people in the world would not forgive this mafia style behavior of American Government!
    Shame on you, USA!

  5. USA started more than 30 brutal wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths in these countries! USA committed serious crimes of war and anti-humanity!

  6. The USA is the first military in history to not destroy the equipment they leave behind——– People are so ignorant and brainwashed. It's a deal, it was intentional and as long as people fall into the Democrat vs Republican lie it will never end. You are an idiot if you think any mainstream media (including FOX, Tucker, Sean are not your friends), is telling you a corporate owned agenda. Wake Up.

  7. Bidon did what Obama and Trump said they would get us out of Afganan and failed to live up to the promises. Yes, there is going to be civil war and we left a war chest of weapons. I don't see any good guys in any of these factions and maybe God willing they will take themselfs out. You know maybe we left that war chest on purpose.

  8. Pourquoi est-ce que les Etats Unies d'Amerique aussi que l'Europe doivent accepter des réfugiées en temps que l'état Saoudit en principe Mekka non acceptent touts les réfugiées. C'est le devoir de l'état islamique de resoudre les problèmes concernant l'Afghanistan. Les Etats Unies et l'Europe n'en soyant pas du totut des états islamiques.

  9. The euthanasia for the Talibans,the authors of 11 September attack Washington D.C Pentagon and 1-7 WTC. Ussama bin Laden of Afghanistan and King Abdallah Salman of Saaudi Arabia represent the authors of 11 September 2001 attack using Al-Quaida military secret base of Makkah,Sharjah,Dubai. This criminals are a luxury palaces and hotels 7-th stars and not accept the emigrants.

  10. And now they are angry because most of the equipment is broken beyond repair.
    "Please contact customer service if you have a problem with our product. Press one for equipment warranty, press two to speak with the supervisor."
    Press two
    "Your time of wait is 'Never going to happen,' goodbye."

  11. And another war the US has lost. Like All wars since WWII, and that was pretty much won by the Russians, pretty bad balance for a country that invests more money in their military than the next
    3 nations in the lists of the top spenders in the military combined.

    Honestly, if I were objectively that bad in something, I’d stop putting so much money into it.

  12. Can someone explain to us who trained these "Isis Terrorists" to operate helicopters, planes, fighter jets, all different types of military vehicles etc…? Their training program must be one of the fastest and best.

  13. Some more Democrat wasted taxpayers hard earned money going to waste again and again the Democrats think the American worker is there cash cow

  14. Why the hell did they leave it all? Why not destroy it or bring it back? Something here is fishy… As usual when it comes to the US government.

  15. And if people think that's normal to leave airplanes in helicopters and weapons for the enemy it's not you destroy it if you can't take it with you that is the norm so yes this stuff was left on purpose for the Taliban to use

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