Taliban spokesman tells BBC ‘no revenge’ on Afghans – BBC News


A spokesman for the Taliban has told the BBC’s Yalda Hakim “there will be no revenge” on the people of Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen called the presenter live on air. “We assure the people in Afghanistan, particularly in the city of Kabul, that their properties, their lives are safe – there will be no revenge on anyone,” he told her.

“We are the servants of the people and of this country.”

Many Afghans fear a brutal return to the regime of the 1990s, which was characterised by public executions, stonings and girls being banned from school.

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Date: September 19, 2021

41 thoughts on “Taliban spokesman tells BBC ‘no revenge’ on Afghans – BBC News

  1. Teri maan ya bhain lagti hai, ya jo bhi ho,,,, tu kaun hota hain Gandoo Taliban spokesman, keh tum log hijaab impose karoge, women par??? DO you know, how Allah (SWT) has given every human the right to determine for themselves (after reading the Quran) what they are supposed to do…WHO gave you the right and authority todetermine the laws for each individuals personal beliefs..

  2. Westerners specially the leftist liberals Islamist apologists are the worst form of spineless humans worst than Taliban or Albquaeda atleast they have a stand and they stick to it whether world things wrong or right they even risk thier lives for there beliefs. But here u have westerners like BBC and US media, Biden and company for whom Taliban who killed there citizens there soldiers were terrorists yesterday but today BBC aur there interviews as if they were legitimate govt of Afganistan who were voted to power and talk about human rights pardon and equal rights to women in same breath while they are going door to door in search of beautifull marriageable age minor girls to abduct and also to hunt for people who worked with democratically elected govt. Now Albquaeda is bad Taliban and pakistan is Ok forgetting both these collaborated to make 9/11 happen and gave shelter to Osama bin Laden. Taliban and Pakistan only gave shelter to him

  3. No revenge on Afghans… tell that to the police chief. Last time we saw him he was blindfolded on his knees being exicuted in the middle of the night and left to rot in the desert… but Biden says this is the Taliban we can trust.

  4. Mind set of Taliban is very wrong. They are doing destruction and going back to wild old Stone Age. Doing all evil act on the name of god. They can’t live happily and will never let other to be happy

  5. +Where are is the Afghan Army- trained for 20 years, equipped with the latest weapons? Why are these men not on the streets? Fighting for THEIR country? Why are all the young men throwing their hands up in the air wailing and whining instead of taking back the streets, the neighbourhoods, the city, their country? Every country in the world, that is a country, has had to bleed, go to war, to protect their independence. Why not the Afghanis? If they are not able, willing, to take up arms against an alien force, they do not deserve a country. What are we to make of a population that has just handed their country over to a bunch of retrograde idiots, who do not have a pot to piss in, at home, wherever they originated, and refuse to take up arms against them? All the men and women are waving their mobile phones around in Kabul, instead of putting together a credible resistance movement. I have no sympathy with these people. And why are thousands of Afghanis flown to to the West? What about their super rich Muslim brothers in Dubai, the emirates, Saudi Arabia? Millions of empty hotel room’s unoccupied their, can they not support their Muslim brethren? What happened to “ Muslim brothers & brother hood? Why not send them to Iran? The whole thing is a sham, and disgrace. Why should we, as Europeans go to work and spend our taxes on a medieval dust bowl, that is Afghanistan, on a people that run from an enemy and refuse to fight for their land?

  6. Guess u cant trust what they say didnt last a week befor they went back to killin kids and innocent people just trying to do what you said

  7. Today two booms 💥 went off in Kabul Airport where the evacuation is underway, killing 57 + 12 foreign military and 140 injured!!! TALIBANS CAN 👎NOT BE TRUSTED THEIR ARE NOT SERIOUS, THEY ARE NOT MADE FOR STATE LEADERSHIP, THEY BRING OLNY CHAOS AND SUFFERING TO THE PEOPLE OF AFGHANISTAN 🇦🇫!!!

  8. In every taliban interview after the fall of kabul the taliban positively answered to all the questions about woman rights, i appreciate that.

  9. The actual meaning of hijab in Islam is not just the headscarf, it is actually to cover the whole body by wearing a loose garment that covers the body and to also cover the hair. This lady said “burqa to cover the face” firstly the burqa is not even worn on the face lol the “niqaab” is what some women wear to cover the face. The burqa is simply a loose garment covering the whole body. I think it’s important for us to understand what hijab really is in islam and not just say what we think it is.

  10. A few days later, a video was released of them executing an alfgan, commando. Do some research, you will see through his bullshit.

  11. Oh ya and please speak to this snake teerorist again. Give us his position. What???we all of a sudden forget all the heads of people the Taliban cut off on Camera??? I can not believe the BBC is so short sighted!!!! The Taliban remain a terrorist organization under Canadian Law and they will be treated as such!!! Canadians never die in a lost cause maybe the British do but Canadian do Not!!!!

  12. They sound pretty same and I think west would be shamed again when Taliban will truly create a functioning and corruption free country. They are gonna be going big in history again

  13. USA made a big mistake. We spent trillion of dollars. What did we get out of it. Nothing, Zilch and Nada. We are leaving behind military vehicles and lots of ammunitions. I hope that we don’t make the same mistake again in the future. We should keep the money in the USA, spend it on bridges and Roads. We are the first world country with ugly Airports. Seriously, look at the Airports in Asia. Singapore airport has been name number one in the world for the last many years.

  14. Think of allll the money, time, effort, and American deaths that the USA committed and wasted in Afghanistan. All for nothing!!!! Fuck man, talk about cringe smh.

  15. they can just speak Arab, why using English? they struggle speak it, why English if we have translator?
    when will the media learn, LEARN

  16. Shaheen the Taliban spokesman lives in another world, these so-called fighters only want to suppress women, establish a sharia state, torture, stone, behead and cut off hands and feet of people. Kick them out resistance fighters. Down with Taliban Criminals

  17. There is nothing wrong with US President Joe Biden in Afghanistan. These are all decisions of former President Bush. Everything is the decision of previous governments. There is something else to be done. That's what happened. Now is not the time to regret. It's not America's fault. For 20 years, the United States fought terrorists. Graded goes to NATO forces and US forces. Don't be sorry, US President John Biden. The incident that was supposed to happen has happened. It is now the honor of the United States to declare its support for the Afghan people and the Islamic government that is building the Taliban. Long live the US President!

  18. They all look so horrible. Stuck 200 years behind everyone else….poor people/ women of Afghanistan, they’re fucked.

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