Talk Of The Crown! Meghan & Harry In Rome! & British Royal Family News! LIVE CHAT


Talk Of The Crown! Meghan & Harry In Rome! & British Royal Family News! LIVE CHAT

Royal-Reviewer LIVE Weekly Q&A Chat (21/09/19)
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Date: September 28, 2019

29 thoughts on “Talk Of The Crown! Meghan & Harry In Rome! & British Royal Family News! LIVE CHAT

  1. It has now been reported that Duchess Meghan played an important role at the wedding of Misha Nonoo and James Hess this past weekend. Meghan gave a reading, of her choice, during the ceremony. She chose to read "THE VOW" by Roger McGough. The Duchess spoke in front of the guests wearing the beautifully elegant gown at the Villa Aurelia on the grounds of the American Academy of Rome.

  2. Canada will be having a general election in a few weeks. NO ONE has questioned the 5 party leaders flying back and forth, daily, all over the country. If you know the size of Canada, that's a lot of flying and a huge carbon footprint. Yet they all talk about conservation and global warming issues. The media has mentioned the Susses's flights though.

  3. They criticize the Duchess of Sussex because they are allowed to by the royal family I'm sorry but all this BS about the duchess of Sussex but princess Eugenie is wearing black they're also can get away with what they say about the duchess because the Duke of Sussex can't respond about their wives I'm tired tired of the UK media especially the women talking about duchess Meghan remember you all will reap what you sow bet that amen

  4. I really think we talk about the milk a little too much. As you said in the beginning when this subject came up in the media, it is none of our business and even in this video, you said one shouldn't question it or speculate on it. Let's be more respectful and drop the whole thing. It is a private matter between mother and child. People keep asking about it and then in the same comment they say it is no one's business or the press shouldn't have brought it up, yet they keep bringing it up on your chats. Please put a stop to it. I do not think the press is uplifting Catherine to wind people up. Catherine is doing a wonderful job just as Meghan is. I agree with you that Catherine had nothing to do with Meghan's Smart Works charity. The press saying that either woman is better or has stepped up because of the other is just rubbish. These are two very smart women who act on their own. One more thing, we talked about Harry and Meghan so much in this chat, we never even got to what the others did this week. Princess Anne, the Earl of Wessex and the Duke of Gloucester did far more than Harry and Meghan this week.

  5. They are praising Ivanka for the dress,,imagine if It was meghan wearing it, definitly they will say she took all the attention and stole the lime light from the bride,,,honestly i love how she is living her Life because they are out there to trash her down in every thing she does

  6. I read on Town and Country that Meghan's dress was midnight blue. Also, an evening wedding has different rules than a daytime wedding. There are several pictures of The Queen wearing black evening gowns when she was young. I don't get the criticism.

  7. Some people online and in the press are commenting about the appropriateness of Duchess Meghan wearing either a black or dark blue dress to Misha Nonoo's wedding. As Elliott cautioned, we don't have the full story. There were other female guests also wearing black or dark blue. We need more information before we can give judgment, if necessary..

  8. Catherine’s fashion faux-pah early on was to not put weights in the hems of her skirts,thus showing all of Great Britain her worldly goods😉 Sorry to hear of your loss, Elliot. Good chat!

  9. I am amazed at you Royal reviewer, She is a royal in Rome and Married She had to wear black. How could you not know that. Eugene is also wearing black for a reason. If Meghan didn't wear black you would have heard about why she should be wearing Black and she is not. SMH

  10. Dear Elliott, I send my deepest prayers and condolences to you and your familyI Many thanks for your hard work. I believe the dress was a dark blue that Duchess Meghan wore to Nonoo’s wedding.

  11. @Royal Reviewer I know you said daily mail have good pictures and you share the link but my wish is one day you will discontinue since clicking helps to put money in their pockets and it’s clear the reporting on the DoS is bias one can see it clearly with the different headlines regarding the dress 👗 the Duchess wore and the other guest some Kielce (not sure of the spelling)

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