Team Of Engineers Build Escape Vehicle From Shipwrecked Boat (Part 1) | Escape EP4 | Wonder


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This week Ant and his team of engineers are stranded on a remote desert island, their only escape route, the ocean. Whilst battling the ongoing attack from the elements as well as a severe lack of food and water, the team must fashion an escape vehicle from wreckage of a crashed boat then brave the open seas to ultimately escape.

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Date: May 7, 2020

25 thoughts on “Team Of Engineers Build Escape Vehicle From Shipwrecked Boat (Part 1) | Escape EP4 | Wonder

  1. Yo this one's title is a good idea. But i guess i expect too much for hoping it to be a lighthearted practical and knowledge sharing amongst pro of their own stuff, survival stuff, and maybe chill a bit and crack some joke. But i don't know if the stuff Amanda talk about was like something really concerning it's as if this is just a drama or stuff like that?

  2. She doesn't hate wasting time she hates not being in charge and not bossing people around. I can guarantee she's not married nor has a mate and her relationships don't last but weeks if not days. She's become fickle and she's 50 so she's not going to change. She see's a future of cats in her life with plastic as a lover grumbling to herself being mean and nasty until she dies.

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