Teen cheerleader Brooke 'Skylar' Richardson accused of killing newborn


The Ohio cheerleader accused of killing her newborn and burying it in the backyard freaked out when doctors revealed she was pregnant, prosecutors claim.

Skylar Richardson, then 18, told doctors in May 2017 that she had no intention of having a child just months before starting college, prosecutors said during an appears hearing on Tuesday.

Assistant Warren County Prosecutor Kirsten Brandt claimed Skylar’s reaction was so ‘extreme and over the top’ the doctors said she needed to tell them if she was having thoughts about hurting her child.

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Date: October 13, 2019

25 thoughts on “Teen cheerleader Brooke 'Skylar' Richardson accused of killing newborn

  1. Okay he did say she killed her but in the court case says that she had a stillborn witch would make sense she does have a eat disorder I do think she does have a mental disorder too.

  2. Supposed the baby was stillborn and she was scared and didn’t know what to do she was a child herself and she was scared what her parents might say to her she could be innocent yes it was wrong to bury the baby in the back yard but at the time it was the only thing she might have thought of she was scared of something

  3. How do you literally go through the labor and delivery, without pain meds and by yourself only to do something crazy to that baby?

    My question is, how did this reach the court? Did Skylar voluntarilly go to the police station to confess?

  4. The parents and the system failed very mentally ill Skyler along time ago when she was sexually assulted as a child .this killing of her infant baby could of been avoided if Skyler would of had extreme mental help and counseling. Sad. Wonder if she will ever be helped now when she realizes the fact that she murdered her baby.

  5. Her personality by her pychologist told a story. Skyler's passive and non assertive nature easy controlled in any situation fearful and overly compliant to parents and others sometimes a piece of wallpaper compliant. So sad her fear of abusive parents control and no ompassio. Or sought mental help drove her to extremely deny and hate the infant she carried she cracked at that time amentally big crack in her phycic makeup.in other words great mental breakdown.

  6. I also believe parent knew about it something don't add up I could be wrong. But the mothers to blame for the brainwashed she taught that a baby would ruin her life. Mother did not even recognize her daughter very mentally I'll after 12 year old age of that sexual assult then mother raising her that pregnancy would ruin her life. So sad. Girl needed extreme mentally ill help at 12

  7. This trial a mistake.this girl was very mentally ill even before the she got pregnant. I believe her pychologist who testsfied. See a ually assulter at 12 and very controlling parents and and mentally abusive by the way they taught her that a pregnant situation would ruin her life . Brainwashed into having no value for no one except herself. This girl needed a specialist pychiatric long term care years and years ago after her sexual assult at
    12. So sad even judge did not see it or order extreme mental help for her. Sad.

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