Tenerife Travel News Update: New Businesses Opening, chance for UK Tourists & Holidays this Summer!


Hello & welcome to the channel! If you’re new here, a big warm friendly welcome and we hope you enjoy the videos. Originally from Liverpool, me (Andrew The KnightStrider) and Laura moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands 6 years ago, and enjoy showcasing the island and our general life as well as travelling abroad when we can!

Join me today for a quick news update from Los Cristianos in Tenerife! Including new businesses opening in Tenerife, news from Spain of a potential agreement to let UK tourists, and the latest covid-19 figures.

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Date: October 6, 2021

49 thoughts on “Tenerife Travel News Update: New Businesses Opening, chance for UK Tourists & Holidays this Summer!

  1. Thanks for the updates. What’s the best pre paid mobile service there as I am thinking of coming over late in the year.

  2. Hi, Andrew 👋 I'm trying staying positive But it not easy🤷‍♀️ fingers crossed be out very soon 🙏 🧳✈🌞 its looking better we getting there 🤞I'm wishing my life away👱‍♀️👵🤣 i just want to have my vaccines don't know when that will be yet🤔so can't go anywhere till I get them 😤 thanks for the updates Andrew 😊stride on!👍x

  3. I'm confused.. Tui have told us that tenerife is on a small list of 8 places listed Amber that we can fly to for tourism.. Our flights due on 25th may and they're saying we can go.. Are you saying that the gov will still not let us in?

  4. Was one of the last to get out, 19th Dec 2020, meant to be home 1st Jan, ended up staying for my big 50th birthday, got home 29th Jan haha!!!
    Loads of people we met stayed longer due to the situation back home, love the place 👍

  5. Wonder if I could fly over on a drone,I would trust you to fly it, as long as was not to high or I may 💩 myself 🤣😂🤣👍

  6. Thanks Andrew, I'm booked for 1st June, already had one flight cancelled! I keep up to date watching your channel so keep up the good work👍

  7. Thanks for the great video. We are planning to come in July. I’ve already been there for several times, but this will be the first time for my husband. He got a great „introduction“ to the „Tenerife feeling“ 😎❤️

  8. Hi Andrew
    You said Spain may even allow us to travel to Spain / Tenerife without the vaccine and you said hopefully we could. Which i find hard to believe you would agree to. When we all do travel to Spain coronavirus will spread like wildfire and we know what will happen.
    Oh and business travel let me think, Sun, Sea, Sand, and Sangria
    Good video take care

  9. Very informative vlog. Nice to hear some new places are opening up. I would love to see more about them. Thanks Andrew 🌸

  10. That was great information thank u very much and it is great news I think with the pcr test coming down in price and that would be great with a Sneak peak of The Vault I would love to c that thanks again for all that great information and I have booked for August well it has been booked from last year 👍💯

  11. I think The Vault might do some very nice signature burgers 🍔 Andrew., just a hunch eh…. 😉 😉😋😋

  12. Given the current low rate of vaccination in Spain and their comparatively high rate of infections it's hard to see Spain becoming a green list country. In any case given the enmity Spain has shown the UK recently, travel there should be made all but impossible.

    As for the point about Germany: I live in Munich and travel was never banned but while Jardines de Nivaria is closed going seemed unattractive!

  13. Thanks Andrew, I also subscribe to 'Spain Speaks, and he gives daily overview of the Spanish newspapers. Today he was saying that there was some tension within Spain, as they were wanting to welcome UK back on 20 May. Would love a vlog on the new place 'The Vault'. 😊

  14. Some hotels in Greece are taking in pcr for 40 euros and latrol flow test for 15 euros that would be a good idea for hotel's in Tenerife

  15. Still very confusing atm for instance if you’ve had both vaccines negative tests which one and would you have to quarantine for 10 days on return to uk it’s slowly sorting itself out but a lot of confusion still at this stage just going to wait before booking anything atm until clearer 👍👌

  16. Can't believe Italians are allowed to travel when they haven't managed to control Covid! 😯I can look after Rio while you're recording Andy, it would be a pleasure 😍🐕‍🦺 Muchas gracias por la información amigo 👍

  17. Sounds like a different world hearing that – the only way out is vaccinations. All the other stuff masks , curfew etc does nothing when you open up. It’s unbelievable that an island like Tenerife has got it’s at risk groups vaccinated. What a shambles from the EU

  18. So if tenerife is on the green list (fingers crossed as im ment ro be out sept) how many tests and when to have the tests done am i looking at having? .. also is it only PCR tests as im terrified of having one and would rather cancel then have one of them ones done

  19. Yes would love a peek in the new bar & let’s hope for more positive news soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼.. 😎😎, great drone footage as well 👏🏼👏🏼😘

  20. Lovely drone footage of Los Cris Andrew can you do a flyover to see if they have finished the pool area in the Arona Gran

  21. The vaccine needs to be between 4 and 12 weeks apart for the immune system to adjust that's why the UK is concentrating on getting the 1st dose done and waiting up to 12 weeks for 2nd dose as it'll work better against new variants.

  22. I git a holiday booked for august 9the still going ahead how u think it will go and wha do u think be open thanks 👍

  23. Thanks for the update on the Travel to Tenerife. Its squeaky bum time. See how it works out in 3 weeks ?
    Amber is a pain.
    I think the Vault would be a Vlog for you to do. Start it at Tenerife Sur or somewhere ?
    It will put a few minutes on it and spread it out a bit. See you in the next one. Stride On 👍👍👍👍

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