Terrifying moment truck driver hurled through the air in crash


This is the terrifying moment a truck driver is hurled from his cabin into an oncoming car – after falling asleep at the wheel without a seat belt. The driver Yuttapong Hawilee, 39, lost control of the vehicle and swerved across four lanes. He then smashed in the central barrier in Chonburi, Thailand yesterday, at 10.30am.

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Date: August 22, 2019

38 thoughts on “Terrifying moment truck driver hurled through the air in crash

  1. There's a reason cabover trucks are called "coffin cabs" Although, in this case, the dumbass would've only suffered minor injuries had he been wearing his seatbelt……

  2. Remind me to never go to Thailand , You get into a horrific crash , you are more dead than alive , you are sent a old Chevy S-10 with a cheap fiberglass topper and a mattress of some sort , and get driven to the morgue. An American ambulance of the 1950's would have been far better equipped .

  3. Qué pena lo que sucedió,a este colega si en todas partes existe malos conductores ,pero a veces hay presiones ,malos jefes,la ley no se cumple ,el sueño ,malos sueldos podría seguir ,en mi país se debe conducir 5 horas y descansar e igual no cumplen y hay violentas colisiones

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