Terrifying Shotgun Raid On East London House – LBC


Police have released footage of a shocking aggravated burglary in Romford that saw four men smash their way into a house.

Three people were in the house when the burglars drove up in a Mercedes and Porsche. They smashed a CCTV camera but it still managed to capture the expensive watch on the man’s arm, which police are hoping can be identified.

A second camera caught the moment when another member of the gang stepped out of the Porsche and produced a shotgun as his accomplices kicked the door in.

The three people in the house suffered minor injuries from the smashing glass and had two watches stolen.

‘KG mailbox – VIIDO unit’

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Date: January 29, 2020

32 thoughts on “Terrifying Shotgun Raid On East London House – LBC

  1. These tracksuits would have been stolen in a smash and grab along with that big dirty Rolex one of them was wearing.. no doubt! I mean why would any of these reprobates stand in the queue for any length of time to buy anything when they can just wait until the shop is closed smash a car through the window and take the lot? lol ( baitasfuckbritain) I have lived in my entire life I'm nearly 40 but why do I get the impression I'm going to retire somewhere else !!! lol fs

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