Thailand News Today | No STV tourists, Boss in Dubai, border fears in Tak | October 13


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No one in Guangzhou applied for the Special Tourist Visa, Foreign Ministry
In a stunning revelation yesterday, it turns out that not a single person from Guangzhou, China, actually applied for the new Special Tourist Visa.
That’s the sad and bizarre truth, according to Thai media outlet Siamrath. Around 120 to 150 tourists had “planned” to arrive in Phuket on October 8 from Guangzhou, China, but “administrative issues” were claimed to be the reason for the delayed flight.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand apparently released a list of Chinese tourists who had signed up indicating their “interest” in the new visa scheme, but never actually went through the process of applying for the visa, or were ever actually coming to Phuket, according to Siamrath.
According to their article, Thailand’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Natthaphanu Noppakhun told Thai reporters that no one in Guangzhou had actually applied for the special tourist visa.

TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn said in an earlier report that the flight delay was due to issues in the process for applying and issuing the Special Tourists Visas, clearly a massive mis-speaking of the actual situation.
As of our time of publishing today’s Thailand News Today, there has been no official comments from the government concerning the apparent misunderstanding.

Thai police to verify “Boss” whereabouts with UAE embassy
Following recent reports that the elusive Red Bull heir, Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, is living in Dubai, Thai police say they’re writing to the UAE embassy to verify the claims.

Boss is wanted in relation to a 2012 hit-and-run incident that claimed the life of a 47 year old Bangkok policeman. The man died after his bike was dragged 100 metres by a Ferrari driven by Boss, which then fled the scene.
Incredibly, Boss managed to flee Thailand in 2017, after years of evading numerous court appearances. Charges, that were initially dropped against him in July this year, have recently been re-instated following an independent inquiry called on by the Thai PM.

The Assistant National Police Chief says Thai police are submitting a letter to the embassy of the United Arab Emirates, and says…
“We want to confirm with the local authorities whether he is in the UAE or not. If he is, we will coordinate with them to extradite him to Thailand so he can face trial.”

Domestic tourism survey indicates long road to recovery

A government survey looking at the travel habits of domestic tourists indicates an uphill struggle for the tourism industry’s recovery.

A spokesperson for the Commerce Ministry’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office says around a quarter of those surveyed travelled during weekends and holidays, but most spent less than 5,000 baht per trip.

Those surveyed were also asked if they planned to travel this month, with nearly 48% saying they have no plans to do so.

Commenting about the survey, the Commerce Ministry spokesperson said…
“From the survey results, there are indications that domestic tourism might not recover in the second half of the year. Entrepreneurs in the tourism industry need to adjust their strategy to suit consumer behaviour in the new normal era.”

Border schools close for cleaning, thousands test for Covid-19 after Burmese truck drivers test positive

Nearly a dozen schools in Tak’s Mae Sot district have closed today to be disinfected, and around 4,000 people in the community are expected to be tested for Covid-19.
All this follows 3 Burmese cargo truck drivers testing positive for the virus after crossing through a border checkpoint.
Those in communities deemed at high-risk have been told not to leave their home, unless it’s essential. They’re also being reminded to wear a face masks, stick to social distancing and sanitising their hands. Reports do not say how long the 11 local schools will be closed for.
The second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge is open again today, and many cargo trucks arrived from Myanmar’s Myawaddy town to unload goods and head back to Myanmar.


Date: October 14, 2020

47 thoughts on “Thailand News Today | No STV tourists, Boss in Dubai, border fears in Tak | October 13

  1. Thai authorities should just contact Dubai police and inform them there's a man in their country using and selling cocaine and give them his details.20 yrs in a Arab jail should sort it out.

  2. Domestic tourism is going to be a huge struggle, how many of them would have a spare 5000 bt to take a short holiday.
    I'd be reasonably confident they didn't take the survey in northern Thailand.

  3. It was clear nobody signed up for that nonsensical program. Only fools would sign-up and participate in that scheme as it carries no benefit to the consumer/tourist.

  4. phantom STV chinese tourists who never applied? what could better? oh wait…..TAT's efforts to ramp up domestic tourism! more extended weekend holidays for all! of course that'll save their economy. by the time the gov't decides to open up their international borders…..we'll all be un-or-under employed….broke, cash insolvent, and unable to afford a thai holiday. too late Thailand….its lose lose for all…

  5. Did see a notice from CAAT (civil aviation authority Thailand) that on arrival one could quarantine local or government authorized..don’t know how that is exactly interpreted

  6. I would love to know how many people have gone back to Thailand to see there family and on the 2nd covid test 11 days into quarantine, they are told they are positive and have to pay for another 2 weeks in the hospital/hotel. Scammed out of another shit load of money.




    Dutch PM closes pubs, restaurants and cafes as coronavirus cases rise

    Bars, restaurants and cafes in the Netherlands will close their doors as the Dutch government tries to control the spread of Covid-19.

    Unlike many of its European neighbors, the Netherlands has thus far avoided harsh lockdowns.

    Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the “partial lockdown” on Tuesday evening, after health officials in the Netherlands reported a record 7,393 new cases of Covid-19 that day.

    A total of 43,903 new infections were recorded in the preceding week, along with 150 deaths.

    The new measures, which come into effect on Wednesday, will see all bars, restaurants and cafes close, and the sale of alcohol banned after 8pm. In addition, the wearing of face masks will be mandatory in all indoor spaces.

  8. So let me get this straight, Thailand created a special visa for Chinese tourist and the Chinese tourists didn't even bother to apply.

  9. I doubt one tourist wants to throw money away, and do quarantine, how many real tourist, holiday for more than 2-3 weeks, and actually hold a full time job at home! I know many, who only holiday 10-14 days are will wait for Thailand to resume normal times, and or go elsewhere !!

  10. Pretty predictable re the STV. You don’t need to be an expert in global tourism to know that the Chinese government does not let average citizens go abroad for 3 to 9 months at a time. That is not the nature of tourism for PRC citizens.

  11. Lol Y do thais think foreigners are going to come and holiday and spend big money to stay in quarantine.
    The only foreigners that are coming back to Thailand are foreigners with family in Thailand.

  12. Special visas are a money grab and so is the stupid con vid testing nobody is dropping dead live without fear or stay in your basement .

  13. Why issue news reports The Red Bull Billionaire Attorneys can see about extraditing him back to Thailand ? Such just gives him another jump start ahead to find another secure nation he can go to and there are many when they know he has billions of dollars .

  14. I'd be surprised Boss doesn't have a passport under a different name these days. And as someone else mentioned, Thai officials just gave him a free pass to fly off to somewhere else.

  15. The embassy in London is closed all the consulates are closed. There are no official press releases as to when any visa will be be available or when they will be open for business. Its the not knowing that's the torment. Like a lot of people i need to get there for family and commercial reasons. It seems to me that the Thai government are equally incompetent as the British in dealing with this crisis . As normal its the little people who suffer.

  16. with or without quarantine people will not come. people are afraid to fly , people are afraid to leave their homes. i flew lately internationally a couple of times. airplanes were 75 % empty.

  17. Ha ha ha …after all they are bye STV…..another few months closure will lead to 15% decline in Thailand GDP..Save krungthep

  18. Trading as a beginner was very difficult due to lack on trading experience, this resulted in losing my funds though I've been able to recover all that I lost, all thanks to Mr Dennis__forex09 at Instagram , i never knew good trader still existed till I come in touch with him

  19. Dr. David Nabarro suggests lockdowns should be a last resort only. WHO warns against COVID-19 lockdowns due to economic damage that is what W.H.O news is today and although Thailand is not on lockdown, they have locked down the economy with regards to a major aspect of their economy, tourism. Economic plights of nations caused by this pandemic is causing undue hardships on its citizens with the loss of businesses, high rates of mental health issues and substance abuse. Governments need to care for their people by keeping their economies supported during this crisis with precautions. 'Open up, take precautions and keep economies moving!'.

  20. If you put the picture of an arse and a picture of an elbow. The powers in charge could not tell the difference between them.

  21. If they would just let us Expats back in we would bring and spend tons of money. This fear of covid is ruining the world. Its a shame.

  22. There's definitely more to this whole Chinese long-term tourists fiasco… A real shame and a huge disappointment to Phuket, I'm sure… I truly hope that the Thai government man-up and reveal the truth of the matter…
    Appreciate the fact that you're hard at it Tim, keeping us informed of the goings on in Thailand; but remember, all work and no play, makes Tim a dull boy- we're missing your swanky shirts & Tee's…!!!😁😁😁🙏🏻

  23. Don't understand, why angry for not being able to come to Thailand. If you want to come, you can come with the quarantine. If not, it's all OK. What's the problem? Even the country is collapsed and people are starved to death, what will harm these white people? Don't understand!!!! Seem the genius China virus eats everybody brain out!!!!!

  24. Hi Tim, Thank you for updating us every day on what is happening in Thailand and how the Thai government is lying to its citizens and the citizens of other countries. This will be punished, unfortunately it is the ordinary people in the country who are punished by the fact that we tourists do not want to come back as the government only wants to punish us and have our money not us as tourists.

    I am married to Thai and right now we are trying to arrange so she can get here to Sweden when she stopped to take care of older relatives who are now gone

    we usually stay in thailand 3 months every year and travel around experiencing enjoy life and wasting about 17,000 euros on hotel food experiences and all that is offered by the locals.

    But this year it will probably be Vietnam or Laos or maybe the Philippines that will offer us their nice tourist destinations and it will probably be the same next year as well because probably the government has not clearly lied one by the winter of 2021-22

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