Thailand Travel: Thailand Reopening for Tourism


Thailand is reopening to international travel and tourism! Learn about Thailand’s new long-stay tourist visa, good for 90+ days. Also: When tourists can enter Thailand again, how to travel to Thailand during coronavirus, how much the new Thai visa costs, how long you can stay in Thailand, entry requirements, quarantine details, and more.

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* Thai Tourism Arrivals in 2019:,and%20now%2039.80%20in%202019.

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Date: October 14, 2020

41 thoughts on “Thailand Travel: Thailand Reopening for Tourism

  1. You are nuts if you think they are reopening any time soon. Does not matter if you have property or family in Thailand. No dice. They have a new tourist plan everyday. By the time they open, there well be nothing left. There most recent plan said they will only admit people from countries that have no covid cases for 3 months.

  2. Wrong although Thai gov change the plan day by day too. Thailand is not open at the moment. Maybe after the Vegetarian Festival. No travel restrictions within Thailand itself because no official cases of human to human transmission for over 100 days. Only people who can travel at the moment (and are also not required to quarantine) are investors, diplomats.

  3. We believe that you post great travel content! So we are a travel couple and would like to work with you. Maybe we can do a video together or share eachother on our social media platforms. Would you be down? If you're down, our Instagram is @rayeandty

  4. WE will see the test with the China and Norway group this days. BUT the real problem to come to Thailand is another: You won't like to get stuck here again, like it happened at first wave. Until now I haven't seen guaranties from Government, Airport Authority and Airlines, that you can get back home at that date or minimum the week of booked return flight. – I live here for 14 years and I told all my normal every year coming people: stay out and wait for next year (maybe), as I see no change for normal holiday before 2022. Greets.

  5. Thailand will only be open to specific counties for tourism. No Americans are allowed into Thailand at this time. Even then, we do not know how many Americans will be allowed later. Currently, only upscale tourists will have the money to qualify for the outrageous fees for hotels and testing.

  6. I have a booked flight ticket at december 14:th to Bangkok and my plan are to stay in Pattaya 4 weeks for holiday, do you think it will possible to use my booket ticket that date without to sit in a quarantine at all, and Im from middle part of Sweden city name Gavle.

  7. Hong Kong authorities reporting that every thai landing in Hong Kong recently is positive for covid. Thai military govt is definitely not reporting correct numbers. I wont be going back to thailand til 2022 at earliest.

  8. Wtf. 25% GDP of Thai from tourism! A real industry. I don't know how girls and boys LGBT and prosts in Pattaya and Bangkok can survive… When i ve worked in Thailand i was very confusing to talk with someone that i didn't know they were a man or girl or half from their strange voice… My thai friend told me… That all come from tourism industry for longtime

  9. Who can go to Thailand now when the situation Covid19 in Usa and Europe increasing day by day? They opened just for high economic specialists and Thai oversea residents coming back home.

  10. do not listen to this. It is NOT open. It is open to a very very select few. Even if you like the terms which are terrible, you are not in the required group

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  12. lol, staying 1 month in Phuket and 2 weeks quarantine.. what's the point then ? I just want to go to Pattaya to shag my Russian friend without restrictions, so for now I am staying In Rhodes in Greece, it's better than get stuck in my room in Phuket with all foreigners…

  13. Hi Kristin! Do we know who pays for the quarantine if required. Eg if “opting” for the hospital option 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. I suppose it's for old blokes with Thai wives and perhaps a business of some sort .
    I doubt they would want UK citizens !

  15. i believe when vaccine is found then eventually no one will have to worry about quarantine restriction. Pattaya is the destination I pan to comeback

  16. Utter madness. After all of their crisis meetings this is the best they could come up with? In Barbados they are quarantining you for 4 days. You have to have an accredited 72hr certificate, face a 4 day lockdown then a "free of charge" further test, totalling 7 days between tests. If you pass they let you in (after 4 days of lockdown). Barbados have 7 deaths and 190 cases of covid since the outbreak. Thailands economy after the 2nd quarter is struggling due to a strong baht, poor exports and no tourism. Predictions for after Q4 April 2021 are bleak with an predicted 8 million unemployed by December. No wonder the Thai finance minister recently quit after 26 days. Thais need to wake up and realise that 6 years of economic growth is largely down to 2.5 trillion baht a year of tourism.

  17. Do your own research and you will realise that Thailand is not opening for tourism as the majority of travellers would interpret the word.

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