The Beautiful Story of Irena Sendler


19 thoughts on “The Beautiful Story of Irena Sendler

  1. Wow! She was passed over for the Nobel peace prize! What they did was to give it to a complete idiot that is a useless eater. Add Barack Obama { another winner) to the mix and you have a world that is going down the drain.

  2. BRAVO
    How many more men, women and children helped in the wars to save others
    May we never forget these tragedies and declare NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN
    And the young people of each generation must hear this HISTORY and never forget HISTORY can and oftentimes repeats itself due to ignorance and arrogance of our leaders.
    May Our Lord give Eternal Rest unto all of HIS children now and forever.

  3. Not getting the Nobel Prize is OK. lt is but a material wordly record. Heaven's rewards for your humane deeds is more important…..Greg Paul Goh/ Singapore/ 12.12.2018.

  4. Irena Sendler stands as a light to the world for all time. Her heroic, brave, selfless acts should inspire everyone in every nation today and in the future.
    Comparing Nobel Peace Prize candidates, denigrating other recipients — not at the same classy level of the rest of this video or posts. Irena Sendler was a representation of utmost human heights; no one should bring in anything to even unintentionally distract.

  5. There are wonderful people in this world its just we dont pay attention to them,but when they became history we come to realise that we lost great people that have been our backbone

  6. Very good. However some of your facts are just a bit off. Irena Sendler did so very much more than what you stated in the video. Read the book "Irena's Children " and it will tell you so much more. A brave hero if ever there was one. That you mention her at all is an honor to her memory. Please read the book. You will be grateful you did.

  7. It is foolish to give her garbage for what she did , God has rewarded her by giving her the biggest and most coveted price , a place in his kingdom and also taught the World a lot about love and Humanity.

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