The Best Cycling In Taiwan | Taroko Gorge With Giant Rental Bikes


Today was my favorite day from our recent trip of cycling in Taiwan. My wife and I will be cycling through the Taroko Gorge. We rented some flat bar road bikes from the Hualien Giant store, and were quickly on our way. Words can’t explain how incredibly beautiful the surrounding area of Hualien is and we saw so many stunning sights within the Taroko National park as well. By far one of my favorite days of riding in my entire life and highly recommended if you’re planning to do some cycling in Taiwan.

I’ve been wanting to cycle in the Taroko Gorge ever since I first heard of it from the Taiwan KOM challenge a few years back.. The footage I saw had to be some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen someone ride their bike through.. Today, that dream is finally coming true.

We arrived in Hualien (花蓮), Taiwan last night by train after my wife Thuong arrived in Taipei. We quickly woke up and went to the nearby GIANT Bicycle store to pick up our rental bikes to begin our Taiwan Cycling Trip. In today’s ride, we’re riding from Hualien to the Taroko Gorge in the Taroko National Park.

There were so many beautiful sights to see and attractions along the way, so this video is a bit longer than normal..

In total, today’s ride ended up being about 80km
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/1795883696

Our bicycle rentals only cost about 1,700 NTD for 4 days, and we later used those for our ride down from Hualien to Taitung. You can pick them up at one store and drop them off at another (highly recommended service)

On today’s ride, we visited many of the attractions within the Taroko Gorge, including the Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Grotto, and more!

Part of our ride today is also part of the infamous Taiwan KOM challenge route!

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Date: June 2, 2020

49 thoughts on “The Best Cycling In Taiwan | Taroko Gorge With Giant Rental Bikes

  1. Today is sadly our last day in Taiwan, but we've been able to get so many great rides in along with many other great experiences. Be sure to check out out on Strava / Instagram for more up to date posts!

    Anyway, I'm very happy to finally release our first cycling vlog from the trip where we rode to Taroko National Park from Hualien. This area was absolutely beautiful, and this is just a taste of what's to come 😉

  2. You took a strange way to get out of town. You missed one of the best views from Hualien looking north toward Qingshui cliffs.

    Those fighter jets fly sorties almost everyday, and the locals are proud of them.

    The remnants of the old road are not hiking trails. The old road was far more adventurous, and deadly. Many died building it.

  3. Great vlog! I'm planning to go for a solo trip to taiwan on january 2020 and thinking of a cycling trip from hualien to taroko gorge for a day. I'm not a regular cyclist but currently into running and strength training. Would you recommend this trip for a person like me? I'm up for an adventure and would love to challenge myself. By the way, how far is hualien to taroko gorge? Thank you!

  4. hi guys,thank you for your videos about taroko gorge,im planning to visit next month,thank you for the ideas,i want to make my own too,happy cycling 🚴

  5. I've been wuling with my bicycle in 2014. At that time the Taroko gorge closed by influence of typhoon. So I used opposite way from puri. This winter I'll visit Taiwan again I'll climb the wuling from Hualien. Because of your video clip I could get many imformation of road and the other conditions. Thank you very much.

  6. I finally got my 2017 giant fast road comax 1, same bike you are riding… Full carbon and upgraded ultegra drivetrain, finally no more bike shopping for a decade… Lol…

  7. A nice outing great to have escaped the rain ,may i say your good Lady doesn't seem to be very happy im sorry to say no smiles ,and very little chat ,its a pity because i think she would make a real RR biker she has a natural style about her,-Keep safe love your videos PD

  8. I'm going to be cycling a big circuit around Taiwan this February. Giant are apparently the best for rental, how easy was your experience and what did you get with your bike ? (Pump, bags, helmet etc.)

  9. How long did you cycle for the whole trip? Was thinking of doing the same next year when I visit Taiwan. I have been to Hualien and Taroko last 2017, and was hoping for enxt year will do the same as yours. Looks interesting and more fun than taking the bus.

  10. Don't recommend cycling in the gorge, there is a risk being hit by falling rocks. Last year a Japanese cyclist was kill by a rock. If you do come, go there in winter dry season, when the rock formation is more stable. There are many other beautiful place to cycle in the Taiwan east coast.

  11. Taroko is originally a Japanese Romaji name of the place. One of very few Japanese Romaji names left in Taiwan. Other Japanese names in Taiwan are mostly Kanji, but they are pronounced in Mandarin now, such as 高雄(Takao/Kaohsiung) 台北:松山(Matzuyama/Songshan)花蓮: 豐田(Toyota/Fengtian)

  12. My wife and I would like to do the ride through Taroko but we're incapable of climbing 3,000m although we can ride 80km a day on more modest terrain. Does anyone know if there is any service (such as a bus, taxi etc) which could carry us up the big climb. We've been to Taiwan before including Taroko. It's so good I want to it again, this time by bike.

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